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Top 10 Board Games for Good Times with Good Company

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Jessica Parker
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Board Games have been our source of entertainment ever since we remember playing indoor games with our friends, peers, or family. The fun, the excitement, the teasing, the (not-so-lovely) fights...all give us a nostalgic glimpse of our golden childhood days.

This is why when board games are brought out now, it automatically becomes the best day ever! And the best day with your loved ones deserves the best board games, be it a lazy day or an exciting get-together. So here we list down our top 10 best board games of all times that bring back all the good memories so that we can make some more. Have a go!

Old Board Games Vs. New Board Games

  • The earliest board games like Monopoly, Uno, and Scrabble had engaging levels in a simple game of dices and cards. These displayed addictive strategies and engaging levels, to defend the opponent. Today the domain of board games involves many thrilling, edgy and inquisitive games. They tend to bring out the face of fierce competition in the players.
  • Unlike the olden days, where one game lasted for 60 minutes, today they stretch for more than one session. This is because the board games of today come with exciting multi-gaming difficulty levels. This keeps them exciting till the end.
  • Board games of today are available for different ages and playgroups like couples, teams, families, and friends respectively. If you are curious to know about different board games read my blog, "Board Games to Elevate your Game Night".

This blog talks about the 10 best board games that will bring out the challenger in you. If you want to go ahead and invest in a board game, we suggest you take a look at our featured section. The board games recommended and suggested there are based on their popularity and demand. Let’s begin,

Ladders and Snakes are older than all of us reading this. Before it became famous across the Globe, it was a major form of entertainment in ancient India. This game has aged beautifully where even now, you can find one of these in many households. This game is simple and includes a spinner. When the spinner delivers the number 6 on the first roll, it marks the start of the game. The snakes are hurdles and if your counter falls on its mouth, it will go back to number where its tails rest. The one who reaches 100 on the board first wins. Because of its simple and engaging rules, it is still considered one of the best board games.

The risk was and still is, one of the best board games that exhibits area control and fights. This game focuses on the age-old dream of conquering the world. This game is more related to your instincts rather than intellect, which is why it became popular among its fans. There are two similar upgrades, that followed this game- 'Axis and Allies' and 'Twilight Struggle' . They are increasingly popular among their fan base as well.

Monopoly follows one basic rule of the game- roll the dice,  buy, or rent the properties with the fake money. The one with the most ownership wins. This game has occupied much of the time in our childhood and is still close to the heart of many. This classic game has been voted as one of the best board games because of the sentimental factor of a bygone era more than anything else.

Scrabble is one of the classic Board Games that also qualifies under the category of a single-player board game. You can either grab your friends for an exciting round of word-making or play it alone to pass away your lazy day. Scrabble contains a board of squares and counters that contain alphabets. Each counter contains an alphabet and each square has a number. Once the counters form a word, the points on the respective squares add up in favor of the player. Some squares also contain bonus points that a player can collect if they place an alphabet in a premium square. Scrabble is popular as a Family Board Game too, about which I have mentioned in my next blog, "Family Board Games- Building Memories Together".

This game is considered one of the best board games because it involves intrigue and survival. It includes two teams that land on an unidentified location, Catan. One significant feature of this game is that, players will not fight against each other, rather use the natural resources of this island to build the economy and buildings with the help of trade-offs. The one who can build the island first is the winner. If you are curious about this game, take a look here for more about it as it has been recommended on the basis of its intriguing levels among its cult members.

Chess- Best Board Game for Logic and Focus, $28.98

This list of most popular and best board games, cannot be complete without the mention of Chess. Chess, like its King and Queen, has been winning our hearts and reigning our lives since its inception. Nothing can beat a good game of chess and the sense of accomplishment it brings after. This class of strategy board games has been a favorite not only with our older generation but also with our millennials. Let's just say, nothing has been able to replace Chess.

Even though it doesn't need an introduction, a game of chess involves a chequered board with two players, each having their own counters. the counters from each team race against each other and once the King comes under direct attack by the opponent, the player defeating the King is the winner.

Ticket to Ride has been one of the top board games, ever since its inception. This game allows the players to go on a train ride where they can collect cards of different trains and can make their own train-route based on those cards. The one claiming to have the longest continuous train route wins the game. The game also has got some cards called the ‘Destination Cards’ that allows the player to get bonus points en-route.

This game is very exciting and is one of the best two-player board games available. It involves two colors, usually Red and Blue with each piece containing a number. The side of the number stays face down and hidden until it reaches the opponent's side. The player who reaches first, upturns the card, and the highest of the two wins. The idea is to eliminate all the counters of your opponent, forcing him to surrender. The excitement level stays high throughout this game making it a favorite among its players.

Checkers is again an age-old game that involves a board of checkered design and involves two players. Each player will have its own designated pieces, that they can move diagonally and jump over opponent’s pieces, as per the rules. The one who kings the maximum number of checkers wins.

Cluedo is one of the most popular board games for kids which involves 3 to 6 players. The objective of this game is to identify the murderer with the help of many clues and hints. The player who can identify all three factors of the murder i.e. the murderer, the weapon, and the room will be the winner. The intriguing nature of the game has made it one of the best board games currently.

What can we take away?

The Board Games mentioned above are a combination of the current favorites as well as the age-old ones. These games are equally popular with the older generation as well as the millennium generation with many youngsters still a fan of classic board games. Moreover, they are convenient to keep and store for a long period of time, so make sure you check out the long on Organizing Board Games that help you keeps you sort out the accessories, and parts of Board games.

Some of these games are aging beautifully are still considered the most popular, and best board games. Their various game levels, intrigue, and strategies have made a mark in our memory and lives that no other games have been able to replace. So we play them on with never-ending fervor.

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