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VOPLLS 5G Native 1080P Projector

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About VOPLLS 5G Native 1080P Projector
95% impressed by sound quality, but 5% weren't
The sound quality is pretty decent, but I may need an additional speaker depending on the space.
The audio quality is really good compared to the speaker size.
The projector has an audio output port to connect with other speakers for an enhanced viewing and audio experience. For outdoor projection, a Bluetooth-capable speaker source is required for clear and enjoyable sound.
I suggest using an external speaker to improve the sound quality.
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97% were satisfied with the connectivity
I was able to connect my iPhone to the projector via Bluetooth and play a video with ease. I also copied files to a USB drive over the WiFi connection and played them from the menu, demonstrating the projector's excellent connectivity options.
The projector has easy setup, Bluetooth pairing, and super fast 5G Wi-Fi connection. It's an experience rich sentence based on my personal experience.
The projector has WiFi and Bluetooth technologies.
I found this projector to be far more advanced than my previous one with WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities. I can watch movies with headphones so that no one else in the house is disturbed. Connecting was also very easy and fast.
97% were captivated by the viewing experience
In a bright room, it's easy to watch a movie with high brightness.
I used to think HD was just a marketing gimmick, but after experiencing my last non HD projector, I realized the difference.
The projector has fantastic zoom and is clear.
The zooming and focus options are amazing and allow for clear video regardless of the size being viewed.
98% appreciated the portability
The size of the projector is perfect for storage and the stand and screen were an added plus.
This projector is portable and easy to move around compared to my older one which was twice the size and had far less quality.
The projector is light weight, compact, and portable, perfect for indoor or outdoor use.
97% praised the seamless compatibility, while 3% didn't
I connected the projector with my Samsung cell phone without any difficulty.
I connected my iPhone to the projector via Bluetooth without any difficulty and played a video, proving its compatibility with different devices.
I was able to connect my iPhone 8 wired with adapter to the HDMI port.
I am able to cast movies from my Windows 10 laptop.
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