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Tulasi Laptop Review

CPU Processor Speed : 1.1 GHz celeron


Notebook Computer Ram Memory Size : 12 GB LPDDR4


Laptop Display Size : 14 inches


Laptop Battery Life : 5 hours


Computer Operating System : Windows 11 Pro
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About Tulasi Laptop Review
98% were satisfied with the build quality
I appreciate the slightly raised keyboard while open, which helps keep my wrists in line reducing fatigue.
The laptop is sleek and can take a little abuse, which gives me a sense of comfort. I have faced some wear and tear while using it.
98% found the keyboard and touchpad comfortable
I appreciate the slightly raised keyboard design of the laptop, which helps keep my wrists in line and reduces fatigue while typing.
I appreciate the keyboard design with large and responsive keys, making typing more efficient and faster.
98% appreciated the portability
This laptop is more utilitarian for its size as it is thinner than my old tablet which did not even have a keyboard.
I needed a laptop that is both light and strong enough to take everywhere. This laptop does just that.
I needed a laptop that is light weight and portable.
95% praised the processor speed, but 5% encountered issues
The laptop is efficient for school, work, and home use as it is very fast and reliable.
My laptop boots up in seconds every time and is very fast while using project software and video conference calls.
I have noticed that the laptop lags when running certain applications, possibly due to the pre-installed Windows 11.

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