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RUNOLIM Bluetooth Headphones Over Ear, Wireless Headphones with Microphone

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About RUNOLIM Bluetooth Headphones Over Ear, Wireless Headphones with Microphone
97% highlighted the portability
The headband fits comfortably and snugly on my average-sized head. It stays in place during light jogging and sweating with minimal pressure on the sides.
The headphones can be folded down to a smaller size.
95% admired the microphone quality
Incoming and outgoing sounds on phone calls are clear.
The headphones have great sound and phone call quality. My wife even said it's the best among all the headphones we've used before.
During a phone call, I could hear my voice clearly but it sounded like I was at a distance, similar to when using aftermarket bluetooth in a car.
97% found it easy to connect, but 3% faced pairing issues
I easily paired the headphones with my device and was amazed by the sound quality.
These headphones offer both wireless and wired mode, and can be used to answer calls or end calls, listen to music and control the music right from the headphones. They can also be paired with 5.1 Bluetooth device.
I recommend the Bluetooth headphones because they are affordable and offer good sound quality through wireless Bluetooth or with the included audio cable for devices that don't support wireless.
The headphones have a fast Bluetooth connection and seamlessly connected with my desktop, iPad and Android phone.
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96% found the battery long-lasting, however 4% experienced drains
The headphones lasted for a week and a half and recharged in just a few hours.
I have charged the headphones twice and each full charge lasted for about 20 hours of listening.
I can go days without charging thanks to the exceptional battery life.
I use the headphones for 8 hours a day and charge them once every 3 days, indicating great battery life.
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95% were satisfied with the noise cancellation, although 5% felt it could be better
The headset is comfortable and blocks out all outside noises.
The headphones drown out noise with loud speakers instead of canceling it.
When I use them, the noise cancellation is a 10/10 and I can't hear anything.
These headphones are great at muffling external noise, which shows that the noise isolation/cancellation feature is effective.
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98% liked the sound quality, yet 2% noticed distortions
The sound quality of these headphones is amazing, especially considering the price.
The sound quality has great bass and is nice.
The sound quality is great and the phone call quality is the best among all the headphones I have used previously.
I found that while listening to different types of music, the bass lacked punch and that deep hollowness feeling. However, the headphones performed well while listening to the Piano Guys rendition of Christina Perri's 'A Thousand Years'.
97% appreciated the comfort and fit, however 3% found the fit different
The headset provides noise isolation and is comfortable.
I find the headphones extremely comfortable even after wearing them for hours, which is rare for me since I wear glasses.
I found the headband fairly comfortable and snug. The pressure on the sides was minimal but enough to keep them in place during some light jogging and sweating. The ear padding felt great but also feels cheap.
Wearing the headphones for long periods of time becomes uncomfortable.

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