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Fulext Sleep Headphones Bluetooth Headband

Long time play sleeping Headsets,Ergonomic Design,Waterproof & sweatproof Lightweight,Ergonomically designed design, Quiet & Ergonomic design,Ergonomically designed, Long time play Sleeping Headsets,Waterproof & sweatproof Lightweight,Ergonomically designed, Long time play Sleeping Headsets
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About Fulext Sleep Headphones Bluetooth Headband
90% highlighted the portability
The headphones are thin and easy to pack or slip into pocket.
85% admired the microphone quality, nevertheless, 15% encountered glitches
While wearing headphones, I face trouble with the volume of calls that come through messenger. However, phone calls directly to my phone seem to be fine.
90% found it easy to connect
The headphones are easy to pair with Bluetooth and charge using a USB-C cable. The battery life lasts through the night.
I easily paired my iPhone with the headphones and it stayed paired up.
The headphones have easy-to-use Bluetooth functionality for wireless listening.
I like the wireless option for phone calls.
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85% found the battery long lasting
The battery lasts pretty long. I went about 3 nights on one charge, with 2 hour sessions each and waking up in the morning with the headpiece still powered on.
I used the headphones for a full night of sleep and they were still playing in the morning.
I can use the device for 4-5 days with music playing at night (5-6 hours each night) before needing to charge it, thanks to its strong battery life.
The battery life is brilliant, lasting for at least 12 hours straight before needing to recharge.
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89% were satisfied with the noise cancellation, although 11% felt it could be better
If I turn the headphones all the way up, they cancel noise without being painfully loud.
These headphones do not cancel out any noise, so they are not suitable for those who want to hear only what they are listening to.
90% liked the sound quality, yet 10% noticed distortions
The sound quality is surprisingly really good. It sounds clear and you can feel a little bit of the bass which is nice.
The headphones have clear mids and highs, but lack deep bass.
When I hold the speaker right up to my ear, the sound quality is decent.
The sound quality was terrible. I had to turn the volume up to maximum and press the earpiece within the headband deep into my ear to make out words. My daughter also complained about the terrible sound quality when I passed the device to her.
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93% appreciated the comfort and fit, however 7% found the fit different
The fabric stretches and would fit people with bigger than average heads.
The headphones fit perfectly on my head.
I have a large head and wear glasses, but I have no issues with the size or any pinching. The placement on the actual speakers is adjustable.
The headband fits my larger than average sized head well.
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