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  • Excellent sound quality
  • Pre-loaded songs
  • Easy to use


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  • Excellent sound quality
  • Simple controls
  • Portable


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  • Good audio quality


  • Low build quality
  • Less functionality

Feature wise top Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth Speakers Buying guide

A Bluetooth Speaker is one of the innovative gadgets that allows you to hear convenient music without having the need to deal with annoying wires. A Bluetooth Speaker has been in demand ever since it was developed owing to its size, portability, and its ability to sync with multiple devices. This gadget works on the concept of transmitting your favorite songs from the phone or audio system with the help of an in-built Wi-fi system.  It can easily sync with the technology of your phones and other audio devices.

As time has evolved, even Bluetooth Speakers have come a long way from its basic features.  Today, some of the most advanced technologies like voice integrated mechanism can be seen in the modern Bluetooth Speaker models.  This has made them convenient, ergonomic and worth your money.

Benefits of Bluetooth speakers


One of the primary benefits of using a Bluetooth Speaker is its compact size and lack of wires, allowing you to easily carry it anywhere. The convenient gadget can offer you a carry-around function as well as emit high-quality music, making it quite popular among many.

Clear and Good Sound Quality

A good Bluetooth Speaker, although lightweight and extremely compact can pack quality music and emit a powerful sound. This feature suits the needs of many users who are looking for decent music quality without having to settle for gigantic speakers.


Bluetooth Speakers are developed keeping in mind every possible expectation of users. One of those expectations is efficiency. Bluetooth speakers use very little power to charge itself and consume very little power enabling it to run for longer periods.

No Installation Requirement

The function of a Bluetooth Speaker is based on Wi-fi principle which is inbuilt in almost all electronic gadgets.  This discards any need for separate software or installation requirement. There are two very simple ways of connecting to a Bluetooth speaker- One as mentioned is the Bluetooth, the other being connected to the auxiliary cable, that is either readily available or can be bought from any electronic stores. 


Bluetooth Speakers come with a wide array of styles and functions, each better than the last. Bluetooth Speakers usually vary between USD 20 To USD 200, depending on the built, model, brand, sound quality and various other features. 

Types of Bluetooth speakers

Mini Speakers

These kinds of speakers are usually smaller than their other standard versions. But that doesn't mean that their sound quality is compromised in any way. These speakers have a powerful in-built amplifier that allows it to transmit powerful music that a tiny phone speaker can’t.

Pocket Bluetooth Speakers

As the name suggests, these speakers are tiny and can be carried around in a pocket. The sound quality is good and is much preferred for its unparallel convenience to fit in small spaces. 

Car Bluetooth Speakers

These speakers are in-built within a car with various functional-buttons for easy transmission. It usually needs to be connected to your phone with the help of Bluetooth function to initiate playing the music.

Shower Bluetooth Speakers

These are new-age speakers are developed with the idea of using it in the shower to enhance your bathing experience. Since the idea is to use it in the shower, such speakers are waterproof and portable.

Trolley Bluetooth Speakers

These modern speakers are big and emit powerful music. They have various features to initiate easy connectivity like Bluetooth, USB facility, and SD card. The best features of such speakers are a built-in trolley that allows easy movement and a convenient charging facility with a 12 V car battery.

What to Look for while Buying a Bluetooth Speaker

Good Quality Music

A Bluetooth Speaker, despite its size, should emit good quality music as the decibel levels are adjusted basis the size of a speaker. A sound that is easily audible even in a clear outdoor space is an ideal Bluetooth speaker.

Two-way Connectivity

A Bluetooth Speaker should offer dual connectivity i.e. getting connected through Bluetooth, which is wireless and also through audio cables like the auxiliary cable. This ensures easy connectivity in case your Bluetooth malfunctions.  

Quality Battery Life

A Bluetooth Speaker should display good battery life and should run for a minimum of 8-10 hours. Checking or verifying this at the time of your purchase is important.

Portability and Built

While selecting a Bluetooth Speaker, the portability factor should be kept in mind. The concept of 'bigger the better' doesn't apply while selecting such speakers. Portability and a strong built should rule your decision while purchasing a Bluetooth Speaker. 

AI Integrated

Nowadays, Bluetooth Speaker displays Artificial intelligence (AI) integration taking convenience to a new level. An excellent AI integrated technology is 'Alexa' which virtually takes care of needs without you personally operating them; just your voice is enough for any command. 


This is a very important factor while choosing a Bluetooth Speaker as you don't want to end up with a broken speaker, in case it rains and you have plans of using it outdoors. Water-resistant speakers are mostly a part of regular features in modern Bluetooth Speakers. 


The Bluetooth Speaker are a blessing for music lovers. The size and multi-purpose features have made its use highly popular among people. With the advent of developing technologies in a blink, Bluetooth Speakers are still developing every year, but the products available today under this category are mainly for a niche segment of users with limited market share. Now that you understand the concept of this multi-faceted gadget, go ahead and buy that funky or sophisticated speaker that you always have dreamt about. For more information on this product, take a look at our featured section for some of the most popular and recommended variants of Bluetooth Speakers. 

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