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REDEER 4K Projector,5G WiFi Bluetooth Projector

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About REDEER 4K Projector,5G WiFi Bluetooth Projector
98% impressed by sound quality
The built-in speaker is pretty loud, but the sound quality is average at best. However, it is miles ahead of most other small projectors I have seen.
The sound quality of this projector is very good and it can be used as a Bluetooth speaker alone.
I prefer using the fire stick and connecting it with 2 echo dots as stereo speakers. I also tried out Dolby atmos videos and had an awesome experience, feeling like being in a movie theater. This shows that the sound quality of the projector is good enough that I did not need additional speakers.
In a room of size 30’x28’, the speakers were loud and clear.
98% were satisfied with the connectivity
I am satisfied with the projector's airplay, screen mirroring, and Bluetooth connectivity options.
I love the connectivity options, especially Bluetooth. The projector takes a minute to connect to wifi and other devices, but once connected, it works flawlessly.
99% were captivated by the viewing experience
I was impressed with the brightness and crystal clear quality of the picture. I even tested it outside around 5pm as the sun was setting and the picture was still clear.
I was surprised by the quality of the projection screen. The picture is very high-definition with no edge blur.
I am pleasantly surprised by the crisp, bright, and very clear image quality. There are no blurry edges as advertised.
97% appreciated the portability
I think the projector is worth the extra size, even though it's larger and heavier than most I've seen and used.
99% praised the seamless compatibility
I love all the connection options, especially Bluetooth.
I noticed that the projector works better with newer models of Roku and Chromecast.
I can cast my phone screen easily with this projector without any complicated steps.

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