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Jimveo 480 ANSI 18000L Native 1080P Outdoor Movie Projector

Native Resolution : 1920*1080P


Connectivity Technology : 5G WiFi and Bluetooth


Display Type : LED


Projector Contrast Ratio : 12000:1


Dimensions : 10 x 8 x 3.9 inches
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About Jimveo 480 ANSI 18000L Native 1080P Outdoor Movie Projector
98% were satisfied with the connectivity
The Bluetooth connection is convenient.
I find it very convenient that the projector has a built-in Bluetooth function that easily pairs with speakers and provides extra audio output.
The projector has multiple connectivity options, giving me more choices to connect it via different devices.
The Bluetooth function allows me to easily pair my AirPods and speaker, and the built-in speaker is decent.
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98% highlighted the color accuracy
I saw ultra-clear picture quality and vivid colors, which allowed me to use it both day and night.
In the dark outside, the picture and colors are excellent and the projection is bright.
The projection has bright and sharp visuals with good color fidelity.
98% impressed by sound quality
The projector has powerful sound and an option to connect speakers via Bluetooth.
I am satisfied with the sound quality of the built-in speaker. It can be paired with a sound system through Bluetooth for an even better sound effect.
I have noticed that the speaker has impressive surround sound despite its small size and the sound quality is very good.
98% were captivated by the viewing experience
The auto focus feature of the projector helped me find the clearest view without any hassle.
I do not have a screen but directly projecting on the big white wall at my room is quite clear.
The picture clarity is very good and the picture size can be adjusted without moving the position.
The effect is amazing, it feels like watching a movie at the theater.
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98% appreciated the portability
The outer package is a backpack that is convenient for camping and portable carrying.
The projector is more convenient than a TV as it can be easily carried and placed wherever I want.
I can move the portable projector to my yoga area and couch area.
The projector is designed to be portable and easy to use, and it comes with a backpack. It is a perfect choice for any occasion.
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98% praised the seamless compatibility
The projector has many interfaces and is compatible with various devices. I can link Wi-Fi, project the screen sideways, and share screens from my mobile phone and computer tablet.
The projector is easy to set up with the guidebook for connecting to laptops and phones on both IOS and Android systems.
I use airplay and believe it supports various methods. It works on both my computer and iPad, but I haven't tried projecting from my phone yet.
It is convenient to have different ways to connect the source like phone, PC or Bluetooth.
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