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Avantree Ensemble Wireless Headphones for TV Watching

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About Avantree Ensemble Wireless Headphones for TV Watching
76% admired the microphone quality, nevertheless, 24% encountered glitches
I bought these headphones to listen to TV while recording or chatting with friends without any feedback going into the Mic. For this purpose, they are perfect.
The headphone has a crackling sound in the background and the sound quality is below standard.
83% found it easy to connect, but 17% faced pairing issues
The headphones have everything needed for connecting to the TV or any other device in three ways.
The BT connectivity range is excellent.
The headphones can be connected via Bluetooth pairing mode and used with phone, tablet or laptop.
The range between the base and headset is terrible. I had to connect to a separate Avantree Bluetooth transmitter to use it.
78% found the battery long lasting
The battery lasted for several days without needing a recharge.
These headphones have superior battery life, providing up to 24 hours of listening time before needing a recharge. The transmitter has a cradle for the headphones to rest in and recharge simultaneously.
The headphones have a battery life of 35+/- hours once charged.
The battery life is unbelievable. I used them for over 24 hours without a charge and it took less than an hour to recharge.
85% were satisfied with the noise cancellation, although 15% felt it could be better
I could hear the dialogue clearly and was not blown out of the chair when the BOOM comes.
The over-ear design helps me to block out any external noises.
The headphones are perfect for quality and noise cancellation. I can decide if I need to be fully engrossed in the TV.
With the noise cancellation feature, I can listen to content without any distraction.
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92% liked the sound quality, yet 8% noticed distortions
The audio is clear and the bass quality is surprising.
The sound quality is really good with balanced audio and no distorted or boomy bass.
The sound quality is very high and it feels like a true surround sound.
I feel that the sound quality could have been better for the price.
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89% appreciated the comfort and fit, however 11% found the fit different
The headphones are comfortable to wear even with glasses.
The headphones are super comfortable with very padded cushions.
I wore the headphones for several hours straight and tested if they would get uncomfortable. After watching a full movie, I did start getting a little uncomfortable but I was fine for 1.5 hours. I rated them 5-stars for comfort.
The headphones are comfortable for prolonged wear as their over-ear design doesn't cause pain or fatigue from pressure on my ears.
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