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Feature wise top Cookware Sets (Nonstick)

Cookware Sets (Nonstick) Buying Guide

Whoever spends an enormous amount of time in the kitchen or loves to cook can agree that Non-Stick Cookware is impressive. Making that fluffy omelette or a crispy pancake was never easy before non-stick pans and utensils entered your modern kitchen. Using oil as little as a drop, the cooking process with non-stick cookware is now quite healthier as compared to other utensils. The non-stick coatings keep unwanted fats and cholesterol away from your diet allowing to consume healthier and tasty food.

Types of Non-Stick Cookware

Ceramic Coating Cookware

Ceramic coating is prepared from inorganic hardened clay and is entirely devoid of any harmful chemicals. Ceramics have gained full attention owing to their environment-friendly nature. However, ceramics lose their non-stick property on persistent scrubbing, making them less durable with time.

Superhydrophobic Coating Cookware

As the name suggests, the coating repels water. Superhydrophobic layers are prepared from a variety of different materials like manganese, silica or precipitated calcium carbonate. These are the easiest to clean as they do not develop any traces of water or cooking.

Silicone Non-stick Coating

Silicone coated cookware is perfect for high temperature cooking as it offers thermal stability up to 572 F. The material is unreactive with any food or beverage, therefore going low on its toxicity levels. 

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) Coating Cookware

The PTFE or the Teflon coating came as a result of Roy Plunket's experiments with tetrafluoroethylene. The waxy coating offers extremely low friction and makes the surface smooth and slippery. Although ideal for healthy cooking, Teflon can degrade if heated above 500 F and produce toxic flames making your food harmful for consumption.

Enameled Cast Iron

Unlike the traditional cast iron cookware, enamel-coated iron is easy to maintain, remains clean and comes with no seasoning issues. It is available in a wide variety of colors and by far the safest option for healthy, non-stick cooking.

Benefits of Non-Stick Cookware

Easy to Maintain

Regular utensils consume a large amount of oil, which sticks to the bottom of the utensil and make the cleaning process a difficult job. With Non-Stick Cookware, the food doesn't stick to the surface and leaves no traces of oil, making them easy to clean, wash and dry.

Stylish and Modern

The dark greyish coating surrounded by many attractive colors gives your cookware an elegant look. Unlike the regular and dull steel or aluminium, the vibrant colors and patterns complement your modern kitchen.


The non-stick coating makes the utensils scratch resistant. They offer longevity and durability. However, make sure to use the right spoon and go easy on the scrubbing.

Makes Delicious Food Without Oil

Cooking any delicacy usually absorbs a lot of oil, but with Non-Stick Cookware, you can enjoy the same dish with the minimal quantity or absolutely no oil. The layers, of aluminium, helps the food to be cooked properly without sticking to the surface. 

Uniform Distribution of Heat

Non-Stick Cookware offers even distribution of heat, which helps the food cook faster. Not just the time, it saves your fuel as well.

Factors to Consider before Buying Non-Stick Cookware


While picking Non-Stick Cookware, look for the number of layers and formula composition of the coating. Usually, three layers of coating are considered good to make it long-lasting and durable. Make sure the surface is smooth and has a matte finish because the rougher and shinier it is, the fewer layers it has. 


Non-Stick Cookware usually comes with an aluminium finish as the core base is covered with a different coating material. Aluminium is one of the most preferred choices of coating for non-stick cookware because of its ability to conduct heat. The layers of aluminium coating decide the weight and quality of the cookware. More the layers, better is the quality. Make sure to pick one that meets your requirements.

Oven and Dishwasher Safe 

Check whether the utensil can withstand high temperature for it to be used in the oven and if it is dishwasher safe to be able to wash it in a dishwasher. Bear in mind that not every Non-Stick Cookware can be thrown in with a pile of dishes or put in an oven. It will directly affect the finish and durability of the utensil. So, choose your pick carefully.


A non-stick pan might work with omelettes but not so much when it comes to sear the steak. Generally, Non-Stick Cookware is more suitable for food that involves medium to low-temperature cooking. Searing or browning should be strictly avoided. Keep this in mind your purpose for Non-Stick Cookware before investing.


Go for cookware that comes with a warranty as Non-Stick Cookware demands a significant investment. Warranty will not only save you from any hassle due to damage but also stand for the quality of the cookware.


The art of cooking has excelled over time. The invention of Non-Stick Cookware has cut down on the enormous amount of oil and fats that go into cooking a delicious meal. Non-Stick Cookware comes in a wide range of materials with a variety of non-stick finish coatings. With Non-Stick Cookware, your food will be safe, tasty, healthy with an overall reduction in your cooking time. They are easy to maintain and comes with a sleek finish. They provide a classy look to your cookware collection and complement your kitchen as well.  To have more clarity, take a look at the featured section above for some of the most recommended Non-Stick Cookware collection that are trending the market currently.

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