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Instant Pot Essentials 4QT Air Fryer Oven

Fryer Material : Plastic


Dimensions : 13.82"D x 9.92"W x 11.65"H


Capacity : 4 quarts


Cooking Presets : Yes
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About Instant Pot Essentials 4QT Air Fryer Oven
95% appreciated the design
The air fryer is ideal for small kitchens as it takes up very little counter space.
The air fryer has a compact footprint and is easy to move around.
The air fryer is portable and about the size of a humidifier.
The air-fryer doesn't take up much counter space and looks nice, especially if you already have stainless steel appliances.
91% found it noise-free, yet 9% reported noise issues
I have compared the noise level of this air fryer with other brands and found it to be very quiet.
The mini Vortex is very quiet while cooking and even the beeps are quieter.
While cooking, the air fryer makes a whooooooshhh sound and beeps, but it's no louder than a microwave.
The beep sound can't be heard from more than a couple of feet away.
92% were satisfied with temperature controls
It is easy to understand and operate the settings. I can change the time, temperature, or cooking setting while the food is cooking.
Setting the temperature is simple with the controls.
Not much programming is required, just set the temperature and time.
93% liked controls and functionalities
The controls are enjoyable and user-friendly to use.
The controls are simple and I provided the steps to operate the air-fryer.
The time and temperature control knob is easy to use.
The controls are easy to set and use.
93% were satisfied with the basket size, but 7% wished it were more spacious
The basket is big enough for 2 servings.
The air-fryer can fit up to 2.5lbs of chicken, which is enough for me to eat and have leftovers for a couple of days or even if I want seconds or thirds.
The air fryer has a small basket size, only suitable for cooking for 2 or 3 people and not for making large batches of food.

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