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Sound Bar Wooden MEREDO Soundbar

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About Sound Bar Wooden MEREDO Soundbar
97% liked the sound quality
I am not sure if it is making a big difference, but the sound quality is clear with minimal distortion.
I am impressed with the quality of sound coming out. There is a good amount of bass while audio is still clear to hear with no issues I can notice.
The sound quality of this sound-bar is decent.
The sound quality of this sound-bar is excellent for this price range. The highs are crisp, the base is clear and not muddy.
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94% appreciated the audio modes, however 6% found them redundant
The soundbar offers various audio modes that I've had the chance to experience. Additionally, it comes with 5 EQ presets accessible through the included remote control - Film, News, Music, Bass, and Game.
The bass from this sound bar cannot rival a dedicated subwoofer but should still had enough oomph for the average movie fan and music lover if not the audiophile.
Music and movie modes are passable but suggested to rebalance the sound with own equalizer settings.
When I use remote to change modes, it makes my Roku Tv move to the left or right which is weird.
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97% were impressed with the design
The design is successful, the workmanship is decent and the range of connectivity and functions is more than sufficient.
The speaker isn't too big or bulky, fitting perfectly in front of my TV. It sits precisely where the bottom bezel meets the screen and doesn't obstruct any part of the display.
The outer casing of the soundbar is painted black and it blended nicely into my home theater system.
The solid black design of the sound-bar which has the woodgrain patterns intact and showcased within the laminated outer coating is too good.
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96% highlighted the subwoofer performance, but 4% found it lacking
Soundbar is not as good in bass and low tones as compared to the Samsung set which comes with an external subwoofer.
96% praised the connectivity range, yet 4% faced signal drop-offs
Bluetooth pairing is easy, but it becomes quite buggy and difficult to switch between devices when multiple devices have it registered (via Bluetooth).

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