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Image of Secret Hitler: Bestviewsreviews
Overall BVR Rating Based on 1300+ reviews
Board quality




Owner satisfaction



  • Solid components
  • Beautiful wooden design
  • Easy to fold


  • Expensive


Image of b'Jax Jumbo Sequence Tube...: Bestviewsreviews
Overall BVR Rating Based on 1200+ reviews
Board quality




Owner satisfaction



  • Easy to roll design
  • Matt finish
  • Great for playing in teams


  • Expensive
  • Not magnetic
  • No magnetic token


Image of Pandemic: Bestviewsreviews
Overall BVR Rating Based on 2800+ reviews
Board quality




Owner satisfaction



  • Multi-player game
  • Vibrant color cards
  • Beautifully graphics


  • Not durable

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Secret Hitler

Board Games Buying Guide

Board games are a big help if you are slogging for countless hours at the PlayStation. Visual entertainment do not provide a constructive way of developing cognitive and analytical skills, unlike Board Games. They are by far the most exciting way to get your family and friends come together for a good game as well some productive time.

Different Types of Board Games 

War Games 

This category of board games dictates wars, fights and defeat as their primary concept. Every player assumes responsibility for a group and develops their military to defeat the others. If you find building strategies and plots fun, this is your perfect stop. The intense dice moves make these games more engaging. 

Race Games 

If you can run around to find your perfect target, pick up a racing game. Some have simple directions, while some are highly strategic. You will find yourself competing with multiple players in the battle to be the ‘first one’. May it be snakes or ladders or scrabble. 

Alignment Games 

With this category, you’ll put some pieces on a game board to arrive at a specific design. As opposed to race games, arrangement games require the player to deliberately place pieces on the board. 

Advantages of Playing Board Games 

Simply Fun 

Playing board games requires a group. And when you sit with people, there’s laughter and a fun feeling all around. With endorphin levels increasing in your body, you’ll find yourself in a happy place. 

Uninterrupted Family Time 

These days getting to spend some quality time with your family is difficult. With a board game, you can turn that around. Sitting for a board game after a tasty meal is just what you need after a busy day at work. 

Enhances Cognitive Skills 

When you make strategies and use your thinking skills, the brain functioning enhances. Precisely it’s the central nervous system that gets to work and builds more robust memory patterns. 

Reduces Stress Levels 

When we play, the mind exercises. The focus shifts to winning the game, and for a moment, the countless deadlines and stress are at rest. After a good board game, you end up in a good mood.  

Enhances your Responsive Skills 

Board games are surprisingly inculcated with a variety of skills. They put your brain to some good use and makes it more adaptable to face extreme situations.  

Factors to Consider before Investing in a Board Game

A Game for Everyone

A board game should be enjoyed by everyone in your group. If it is too challenging or difficult to understand, then it excludes a young child. If it is too easy, the old ones won’t be interested.    


Asymmetry is something you will appreciate in a board game. The game will feel different when you play with different teams. It saves your board game from getting boring and makes it a good investment. 

Interesting Playing Pieces 

The more appealing the pieces are, the more you’ll enjoy the gaming experience. The attention to detail will get extra points to any game. 


Invest in a board game that can be played over and over again. Pick something that offers a variety of options and never gets repetitive or predictable. 


Board games are more or less an activity that you can enjoy repeatedly. It is a great way to spend some quality time with your close ones and sharpen your mental skills. Make sure to use all the information to pick something that makes rolling a perfect six more fun. For more choices on this, take a look at our featured section that we have listed down some of the most popular games and have reviewed them on the basis of their engagement levels, and quality of the game.  

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