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Organizing Board Games- Clutter Busting Made Easy!

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Jessica Parker
organizing your board games

Anyone who is a fan of board games understands the pain of shuffling between drawers & cupboards to find their favorite games. If you game buffs face the problem of organizing your board games as often as you spend hours buying a game, then you're at the right place.

No matter, how old or new a board game is, it finds its way into messy drawers with other games gradually lost in the chaos. This blog talks about a few tricks you can follow to organize your board games cabinets with minimal effort. Those who want to know about different board games can read our blog, “Board Games to Elevate Your Game Night”. That blog explains different categories of Board games available for you and your loved ones. Let us understand some of the best ways of organizing your board games.

Organizing your Board Games by Assembling

Many of us have the habit of putting different board games in different drawers to make it easy to find. But over time all cabinets look the same with its contents spilling out and the games lost in the pile. To get rid of such a situation, assemble all your board games into one place and keep it stacked in one big drawer or closet.

Organizing your Board Games by Removing the Incomplete Sets

Incomplete board games are a common occurrence where some pieces or dices are lost or missing. This making it impossible to play that game. Therefore, while organizing your board games, remove the ones which are incomplete. This will help you to save a lot of time while trying to find the right game to play.

Organizing your Board Games by Choosing the Right Place

Choosing the right place to store your collection is a very important step while organizing your board games. For example, stacking your collection in a box will make the games pile it on top of each other. This will force you to take out the entire collection every time you want to play making it tiresome. Therefore, choosing the right place to put your collection, like appropriate -sized cabinets will help. This will allow you to store it in an upright position as well. Family Board games help you build beautiful memories together, so it is important that you store them in an appropriate way at the right place. This will make it easy for you to choose a game and, an opportunity to show off your collection.

Organizing your Board Games on the Basis of Size

Organizing your board games in the order of their alphabet is not a very good way to organize them. This is because, if you arrange alphabetically the box sizes will vary. This might make the bigger boxes like "Hasbro Scrabble Deluxe Addition" to be unstable and topple over your smaller sizes. Therefore, always organize your board games as per their size. This way the stack will look neater and the chances of them falling over are less.

Organizing your Board Games on the Basis of Sorting and Separation

This you can do if, you have a smaller cabinet or shelf size. Often, the collection of smaller board games like "Pandemic" is larger than the bigger board game collection. This is because we tend to buy smaller games more often for their convenience and easy handling. If you are someone whose smaller board collection is superseding your big size board collection, finding a separate shelf or cabinet might help. This way, your collection is always arranged, categorized, and easy to handle. It is advisable you can check out the Top 10 Board games for good times with the good company that helps you add more varieties in your collection.

Select Adjustable Shelves for Organizing your Board Games

This technique will only help those, who have the facility to alter the shelf sizes. This happens by sliding the overhead slabs up or down. Such facility can accommodate the big-sized board games along with other games. But, if you don’t have that facility, fret not! You can keep the bigger games separately in another suitable cabinet.

The Spine of the Collection should be Visible

Just organizing your board games is not enough. The ability to identify them without pulling them out every time you want to play is also important. While arranging the games, make sure the spine or game titles are faced out, to help you choose conveniently.

Getting Rid of Bad Boxes

This often happens when you order your board games online and the boxes are damaged. Thus, getting rid of such damaged boxes is always helpful during storage. You can store such games in a new box and place those boxes with the spine visible. But remember to mark the new boxes and the new games accordingly.

Keep the Batteries Close

If you have a board video game, then keeping your batteries next to it makes more sense. This will ensure a continuous gaming experience, in case the drained out batteries need to be swapped.

Separate the Old and the New

While organizing your priceless board collection, make sure the old board games are towards the corner, while the new ones are located towards the middle. This is because the chances of you playing the new ones are more than the old ones. If you are on the lookout to replace your old one with a brand-new one, we recommend you can take a look at the featured section that lists out some of the best board games for a better understanding. Sorting something as close to our hearts as our beloved board games is an exasperating yet important task. Therefore to make your life easier, follow the above steps which will not only help your board collection looking neater but will also eliminate the chances of creating a mess.

One of the biggest benefits of organizing your board games is that you will never run out of options to keep yourself entertained. There is a saying, “Out of Sight, Out of mind”. Many times, we forget those games, that have been pushed to the bottom. And only remember those that we see every day. Thus, organizing your board games is a good way to recollect your collection better.

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