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DESOBRY Sound bar for TV with Bluetooth 5.0 50W Small Soundbar

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About DESOBRY Sound bar for TV with Bluetooth 5.0 50W Small Soundbar
97% liked the sound quality, yet 3% expressed dissatisfaction
The sound from the soundbar is adequate, providing reasonable volume with very little distortion. However, there are times when I notice a mechanical buzz or rattle that seems to sync with the audio, which can be a bit distracting.
The audio quality of the soundbar is alright, comparable to other devices like a smartphone speaker, tiny built-in speakers on his TV, and a full-sized inexpensive smart speaker like Amazon Echo.
92% appreciated the audio modes, however 8% found them redundant
The soundbar has 3 modes - Music, Movie, Games.
I can adjust between music, movie & 3d sound.
In Bluetooth mode, the soundbar works well for music.
I recommend this soundbar as it has three different modes - movie, music and 3D.
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95% were impressed with the design
Sound bar is great and it fits snugly under the TV and appears as if it were built in.
95% highlighted the subwoofer performance
I rated it 4 stars mainly due to the insufficient bass, yet the speaker sounds well balanced overall, particularly with its capability to produce HD audio through the ARC connection.
90% found it easy to connect with smart assistants, although 10% faced issues
I have noticed that the sound bar is not compatible with my TV using HDMI (ARC).
91% praised the connectivity range, yet 9% faced signal drop-offs
When connecting the soundbar to my TCL TV via ARC HDMI, the sound gets cut in half.

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