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Saiyin Wired and Wireless soundbar, Bluetooth 5.0 soundbar for tv

Mounting Type : Wall Mountable


Connectivity Technology : Optical/Coaxial/RCA Connection
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About Saiyin Wired and Wireless soundbar, Bluetooth 5.0 soundbar for tv
93% liked the sound quality
Sound quality is clear and it is low on base. However, considering the price point and the absence of a sub-woofer, it is not unexpected.
Sound quality is good, but it depends on the connection method chosen.
90% appreciated the audio modes
To connect the soundbar to the television, he had to change the mode on the soundbar to AUX.
Soundbar has great audio with different modes like music, action scenes, scary scenes, and many more.
90% were impressed with the design
The design of the soundbar is sleek with a low profile, which was exactly what I needed. It was an improvement over his old Vizio soundbar which was clunky and blocked an inch of the bottom of his TV screen.
93% highlighted the subwoofer performance, but 7% found it lacking
Soundbar sends a signal to the connected subwoofer even after turning it off, which results in a mid-pitched hum.
78% found it easy to connect with smart assistants
I wish to connect the sound bar to my Alexa smart home hub, but it's not a deal breaker for me.
83% commented on the connectivity range
I appreciate the versatility of this soundbar, providing both wired and wireless connectivity options.

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