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RAINEVERRY 5.1 CH Surround Sound Bar

Connectivity Technology : HDMI & Optical


Surround Sound Channel Configuration : 5.1


Speaker Depth : 3 inches
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About RAINEVERRY 5.1 CH Surround Sound Bar
96% liked the sound quality, yet 4% expressed dissatisfaction
I've found that the sound quality of the soundbar is akin to that of a medium-grade factory-installed car stereo, with the weakest performance noticeably coming from the soundbar speakers themselves.
93% appreciated the audio modes
Sound bar has various functions and can produce the surround effect of a home theater while watching a movie.
Sound hits speakers according to audio codec, such as 5.1 surround, just front speakers, just subwoofer, etc.
I'm pleased with the positional audio feature of the soundbar and can confirm that the rear channels are actually positioned at the rear.
94% were impressed with the design, nevertheless, 6% weren't
The sound bar's width is perfect for my wall placement and it does not protrude further from the wall than the TV.
I appreciated the provided template for installing the sound bar and the complete system looks nice.
I wish the sound bar wasn't so long, but it looks great on my wall.
If you mount the sound bar on the wall, you will need to run the TV cable and power adaptor cable in the wall to hide them.
94% highlighted the subwoofer performance
Subwoofer is powerful during heavy bass moments in films and video games despite not being big.
91% found it easy to connect with smart assistants
I can play music from my Alexa device with just one button.
94% praised the connectivity range, yet 6% faced signal drop-offs
Satellite speaker and subwoofer can be paired wirelessly and it gives the option to place the speaker more freely.
Sound bar keeps losing connection with the satellite speakers and subwoofer for 10-15 seconds and then reconnects.

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