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CROWNFUL 5 Quart Air Fryer

Fryer Material : Plastic


Dimensions : 10.8"D x 14.37"W x 11.58"H


Capacity : 5 quarts


Power Requirements : 1500W


Cooking Presets : Yes


Touch Screen : Yes
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About CROWNFUL 5 Quart Air Fryer
92% highlighted the presets
I find the digital touch screen with seven cooking presets incredibly user-friendly and convenient, taking the guesswork out of cooking and ensuring that meals turn out perfectly every time.
I found it easy to program the air fryer for an individual recipe and did not use any of the presets.
I found it quite easy to use the temperature and time adjustments, although I haven't used the presets yet.
92% appreciated the design
On my tiny countertop, the air-fryer has a small-ish footprint.
This air fryer is a great choice for those interested in air frying but with limited counter space for a toaster-oven-multifunction-style air fryer.
I like the square design of the air fryer because it accommodates a nice size portion of food and doesn't take up a lot of counter space.
92% found it noise-free, yet 8% reported noise issues
The beep sounds are ear-piercingly loud and wake up my roommates when I try to make pizza rolls at 2am.
While adjusting settings, I complained about the loud beeping sound.
The button noises are excessively loud and it is louder than my carbon monoxide detector. My neighbor next door can hear me turn it on/off/adjust for cooking.
When adjusting time/temperature, the beeping noise is extremely loud.
90% liked controls and functionalities, although 10% found them confusing
The air-fryer preheats quickly and is very easy to program.
I have not used the presets yet, but find it quite easy to operate with just temperature and time adjustments.
The digital touch screen with seven cooking presets is very user-friendly and convenient.
The air-fryer is super easy to use and clean. It heats up and cools down quickly.
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97% were satisfied with the basket size, but 3% wished it were more spacious
I like the square shape and removable plate in the bottom of the tub instead of a basket insert. The basket size is 5 qts.
The basket holds a lot of food and its dimensions were mentioned.
The basket can fit a lot of food in.
The basket is big enough to make plenty of food for two people, and even 3-4 depending on what we are cooking.
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