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Smart TV Buying Guide

Smart TV’s has taken the experience of television viewing to a new level. Smart TVs act like your smartphones but in a bigger and better format. Smart TVs allow access to many apps that are common in our smartphones offering a wide range of viewing options. The domain of Smart TV's is vast with many categories within it, all suiting to the rising expectations of the user. Let us take a look at some of the aspects of owning a Smart TV.

Essential Features of a Smart TV

Smooth User Interface

This is a very important feature in establishing the efficiency quotient of a SmartTV. If your TV takes too long to switch between apps, the user experience reduces. Therefore, Smart TV developers focus on making the user interface interactive and fast, to encourage seamless viewing.

Streaming Videos

Many of the Smart TVs nowadays comes with built-in apps like Amazon Prime, Netflix or YouTube and all you have to do it, is to subscribe. Most of Smart TV remotes, these days also have a 'Netflix' button to switch from TV to the app instantly.

Media Apps

A Smart TV contains the media feature that displays the digital content from your other devices allowing you to take the viewing experience next level. Imagine watching photos from your last vacation on a big screen or watching your favorite choreography on a TV screen. 

Recommendation Engine

This is one of the most sought-after features by the developers. Such innovation allows your Smart TV to recommend you programs that might suit your taste, just like Netflix. Such algorithm categorizes your frequently watched shows and suggests similar programs basis that.

Games Category

Smart TVs are not only made for viewing but also contains a section for playing games. Although, the games are usually simple like 'the angry birds' etc. but many of the expensive ones also showcases advanced games, much to the delight of the kids.

App Store

The Smart TV act on the principle of Android phones and thus can showcase the app store allowing you to select and add the app that you want. However, certain limitations may arise on the compatibility of the apps with you TV and should be clarified before a purchase.

Transferring Option from Smartphone to a TV

With many Smart TVs, you can experience a second screen which allows you to transfer contents like media files, video files and even movies from your smartphones to a TV screen. This is one of the favorite features of a Smart TV as the content which initially was limited to a phone screen, now can be viewed in a bigger screen as well.

Benefits of a Smart TV

Better Viewing Experience

Most of the Smart TVs come with high-level of compatibility to provide an amazing viewing experience. This is because of the innovative HD screens that make viewing a richer experience on the whole.


Smart TVs are developed keeping in mind user experience. This is why most of the Smart TVs are easy to operate with built-in virtual instructions when you switch between apps or view your TV functions for the first time.


The Smart TVs functions on the lines of the Android software making it compatible with your smartphones. This allows you to conveniently view smart apps just like your phone, opening a variety of viewing options.


Smart TV selection nowadays has become very affordable as they are slowly replacing traditional TV sets. The price range for Smart TVs depends on the features offered and you can find one that suits you within your budget. 

More Than Just Viewing

The purpose of a smart TV is not limited to ‘just watch’ anymore. It has become much more than that. Smart TVs allows browsing, viewing, downloading and so much more, that was neither anticipated nor possible a decade back.

Choosing the right Smart TV

Choosing the right Smart TV is very important as it should not only suffice your needs but your family’s needs too.


Smart TVs are a long-term investment and should be chosen carefully. If you look at the market, Smart TVs come in all ranges with more features towards the higher price range.

Size of the Screen

The size of the screen depends on many factors like the spot where you want to set up, the size of your house etc. After all, you don't want to end up with a massive screen with no space to walk past it to the other parts of your house.


There are many Smart TVs which support only limited functions and are compatible with very limited devices. Also, many Smart TVs has a wide range of compatibility and sync options. Understanding the compatibility and your need is important before buying a Smart TV. 

Connections Facility

A Smart TV should have minimal connection facilities like HDMI, Bluetooth and even slots for your USB. Choosing a TV which offers multi-purpose connection facility is important, because, as I said, it's not every day that you buy a Smart TV.

Screen Type

Many Smart TVs showcase either an LED screen or OLED screen depending on the technology and range. OLED screens have pixels that are self-illuminated, giving a brilliant viewing experience. LED screens have LED lights embedded on them that illuminates the screen.


Warranty, guarantee and easy replacement are very important factors and should be verified before purchasing. When it comes to factors like these, brands give you more flexibility.

Go for Bargains

Smart TVs call for huge investments and thus, an eye out for deals like 'Year-end sale' or 'Christmas sale' will help you profit for the purchase.


Appliances are Smart TVs are long time investments and often comes with high expectations. With the rise of Smart TVs, television has made a massive comeback along with a new benchmark of expectations. Therefore, before owning and purchasing a Smart TV understanding your expectations, along with market reviews will help you get that perfect Smart TV for you and your family. For more information on this, take a look at our featured section above, which has products that are recommended for their performance, features and durability. 

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