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ANSTEN Wireless Headphones for TV Watching

Impedance : 32 ohms


Weight : 1 pounds


Headphones Connectivity Technology : Bluetooth


Headphones Jack : Yes


Dimensions : 8.66 x 4.13 x 9.29 inches


Noise isolation : No
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About ANSTEN Wireless Headphones for TV Watching
92% admired the microphone quality
The voice quality is crisp and high end.
91% found it easy to connect, but 9% faced pairing issues
The range of headphones is exceptional.
I would be happy to use the headphone set in my office. It can be attached to my desktop, laptop or MP3 player.
The headphones have an auto scan button for frequency change. I have tested them with different devices and audio types and have not experienced any frequency change.
I was able to connect the headphones to my iPad easily.
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90% found the battery long lasting
The rechargeable batteries are easily replaceable and have better charging time than mentioned in the instructions/box, which shows my positive sentiment towards the Battery Life feature.
After the initial charge, it only takes a couple of hours to charge them back up again for many hours of listening.
The headphones' battery lasts only 2 years and decreases over time, but they still provide plenty of listening time.
I get about 15.5 hours of battery life on a charge, which is more than I ever got from the Sonys and other more expensive headphones I have owned.
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90% were satisfied with the noise cancellation, although 10% felt it could be better
The headphones do a great job of blocking noise even though they are not noise blocking or cancelling.
Noise cancellation is not an issue unless there are other loud voices or music going on.
The noise canceling is very good.
These headphones only enhance sound and are not effective in noise isolation/cancellation.
97% liked the sound quality
The sound is good, but I have difficulty telling about the treble and bass quality. I also have hearing aids and bad hearing in my right ear.
I am able to control the volume and the sound quality is good.
The headphone sound quality is good, but even at max volume setting, it is lower than the TV volume.
The sound quality is excellent.
98% appreciated the comfort and fit
The headphone fits well and is well-built, without causing any discomfort to my head and temples even after extended use.
The headphones are comfortable over the ear.
I really like the comfort and fit of these headphones. The soft fabric over the foam pad on the earpieces is more comfortable than a vinyl feel. The elastic piece that fits over the head keeps the headphones on my ears without sliding down, even after using them for a while. I can wear them for a long time without feeling uncomfortable.
I found the headphones to be more comfortable and fitting better on my head than my previous pair.
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