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LITTOAK Small Sound Bar for TV

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About LITTOAK Small Sound Bar for TV
96% liked the sound quality, yet 4% expressed dissatisfaction
The soundbar provides clear and powerful audio, making movies and TV shows more immersive.
I am completely satisfied with the sound quality.
The clarity of speech coming out of a 16" speaker is amazing.
I find the sound pleasant and balanced with enough bass to satisfy.
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88% appreciated the audio modes
Soundbar allows you to manually set the bass and treble levels if you are not satisfied with the preset ones.
I found that the dialog mode offers the best performance with clear vocals and a balanced mix of bass and treble, perfect for TV watching. While the movie mode provides great bass, it sacrifices some vocal clarity compared to the dialog mode. As for music, the music mode delivers deep bass with a well-mixed treble, suitable for various music genres.
Slight amount of reverb added to the sound under the movie mode and a lot more reverb for dialogue and a slight amount for music mode.
94% were impressed with the design
I installed an interference screw into the gate hinge to position the sound bar above the TV at the perfect spot.
Soundbar is compact and has every type of audio connection option, a great full-featured remote, surprisingly good sound (after adjusting the bass/treble controls), and wall mounting hardware.
93% highlighted the subwoofer performance
The music mode of this sound-bar provides deep bass with a good mix of treble, which is suitable for any music genre. This indicates that the sound-bar delivers deep bass without signal dropouts.
93% commented on the connectivity range
I had no issues connecting the soundbar to the TV using AUX cable, and it has good connectivity.
This summer, I plan to use the soundbar's portability and bluetooth connectivity for gatherings outside on the deck.

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