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  • Good build quality
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Feature wise top Blood Pressure Monitors

Blood Pressure Monitors Buying Guide

BP tests are one of the earliest measures of knowing if your internal body is healthy or not. Blood pressure means the force at which the blood is pressing against the arteries and is usually measured by a monitor on the upper arm or wrists. Normal blood pressure ranges between 120/80 and anything below or above this is not considered good news. This informational piece talks about blood pressure monitors that we can use to measure and monitor our blood pressure levels at our homes, without the hassle of seeing a doctor.

Benefits of the blood pressure monitor

No need of going to the clinic

This is probably a sigh of relief to many, without having to go to the clinic regularly to check your blood pressure levels. This device is specifically useful for those with higher/lower BP levels and needs to monitor it regularly.


BP monitors for a home not only helps you check your BP levels regularly but also teaches a thing or two about your BP levels and how to read it. This can be a huge relief for people who are staying alone or who doesn’t have anyone to take care of them. If there is anything wrong with your blood pressure levels, monitoring at home allows you to take quick action against any emergencies. This usually happens quite often.

Helps you identify other underlying problems

A blood pressure monitor helps you to understand your blood pressure variations well and also helps detect other underlying problem like hypertension

Allows you to detect a pattern

Often blood pressure levels spike up due to certain conditions like stress, tension etc. as well as food that we eat  such as processed foods, snack foods etc. Having a BP monitor will help you create a pattern and identify what causes the spike in your blood pressure levels.

Features of a blood pressure monitor


Most of the BP monitor works on being accurate and giving you an insight on the condition of your blood pressure health. Thus, you can find a digital display indicating your levels in a large clear font.

Built-in memory

Blood pressure monitors are designed in a way to keep a memory of last few readings to help you understand your blood pressure pattern. However, the memory capacity depends on the gadget.

Level of inflation

This is found in automatic BP devices where the cuff inflation might be uncomfortable for the patient as it increases the pressure around your arm. Such a situation can be avoided by altering the settings to make it comfortable and efficient.

Power adapters

Usually, blood pressure monitors are powered and run on battery but there are some which has the facility to connect it to a mains power for easy charge. Such devices are very much in demand because of their flexibility of running on the dual mechanism of power and battery.

Heart inconsistencies detection

Some of the advanced heart rate monitors can detect certain anomalies in the heart rate and can identify any inconsistences of heart depending on the heart rate.

Buying guide for Blood pressure monitors


Blood pressure monitors come with the cuff sizes and the most accurate is considered for the arm. Therefore, understanding your arm and cuff size respectively is important. Or else the inflation level might be higher

Check the cost

The market is filled with analogue as well as digital blood pressure monitors with a variety of price range, basis the features. Checking and comparing the cost will help you get a good BP monitor within your budget.

Ease of use

You don't want a complicated BP monitor with lots of control for your everyday use. Usually the complicated ones, with several controls are preferred at a more commercial level. Therefore, check the usage and functions carefully before putting your money into it.

Feature selection

Some blood pressure monitors are too simple and serves just the purpose of measuring and monitoring your BP levels. And some are increasingly complicated as they detect many other functions like heartbeat, hypertension etc. Understanding and identifying what features you require is important as you don't want to end up with a monitor with excessive functions but no usage.

Consider the size

Just like the fit, there are a considerable variety of sizes available in the market. If you are an avid traveller, settling for a compact version is recommended as compact size means lightweight. Or else, you can go for a regular or large size, on the basis of your requirement.


This is one of the most common problems that one incurs while buying a blood pressure monitor and therefore should be checked prior to your purchase. However, if you end up with one that exhibits inaccuracy, a pharmacist should be able to help you set it right. 

Know how to measure

Having just a blood pressure monitor is not enough. Knowing the best ways to measure it is also equally important. Always consult an expert if you are unsure of its usage.


Blood pressure monitors are like a boon to those who need to check their blood pressure levels regularly but cannot afford to go to the clinic every day. Having an advanced and regulated blood pressure monitor will allow you to keep a track of your health and keep you conscious about it. Hopefully, this guide will help you to understand and seek the right monitor for yourself.





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