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TOPTRO TR22 5G WiFi Bluetooth Projector

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About TOPTRO TR22 5G WiFi Bluetooth Projector
93% highlighted the color accuracy
I noticed and appreciated the colors and clarity of the projected image. It feels epic, given the screen size and is true to life.
97% impressed by sound quality
I have personally experienced that the built-in speakers are pretty good and I connected my living room speakers via headphone jack for a hard-wired connection.
I prefer using a portable Bluetooth speaker, even though the sound quality is great.
I connected the onboard speaker to my Bose system without any issues as it was not good.
I planned to use the Bluetooth function for a bigger sound, but was surprised by the built-in speaker. The sound quality is clear and louder than expected, making it useful in smaller rooms or when the speaker is not charged.
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96% were satisfied with the connectivity
I love that I can connect my Roku Streaming Stick and power it with one of the USB ports.
I was able to connect my ROKU stick and laptop at the same time as the projector has two HDMI ports.
Connecting the projector to wifi and bluetooth is very easy.
96% were captivated by the viewing experience
I noticed and appreciated the colors and clarity of the projected image. The image is true to life and feels epic, given the screen size.
I experience no lagging in picture quality even on HD streaming.
I find this projector to be brighter and clearer than my other one, and I have compared their brightness.
The picture is clear with legible small text and high contrast. It is much improved from previous LED projectors in the ~$250 range. The best experience is in a dark room.
96% appreciated the portability
The projector comes with a backpack style bag.
The projector is portable, but not back-pocket portable, indicating it's easy to move around but not pocket-sized.
I can move the unit easily with just one cord as it is light.
The projector is small, compact, and light in weight with a quiet fan. It's easy to move around and perfect for a camping trip or a night under the stars.
96% praised the seamless compatibility
I find it easy to cast my iPhone unto the projector. I primarily use a Roku stick which works nicely with the unit since you can plug it into the onboard USB to power the stick.
I can mirror and stream directly from my smart phone using the projector, which is a convenient feature.
I was able to stream content directly off my android phone and do a software upgrade directly from the projector's on-screen menus, which shows that the projector is compatible with different devices and can be easily connected to them.

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