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RIOWOIS Sound Bar with Subwoofer for TV Deep Bass Soundbar

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About RIOWOIS Sound Bar with Subwoofer for TV Deep Bass Soundbar
97% liked the sound quality, yet 3% expressed dissatisfaction
Sound quality of the speaker was initially good, but then the crackling sound started to appear, which eventually became unbearable.
94% appreciated the audio modes
I've used the 3 presets (Movie/Music/News) and observed that the News mode does enhance the clarity of voices, making them more distinct.
93% were impressed with the design, nevertheless, 7% weren't
I bought this soundbar because it was the perfect size for my little TV stand, unlike the higher-end ones which were too long for the space.
The design of the soundbar isn't suitable for wall-mounting because the cables plug in at the back, right where it's intended to mount flush against the wall.
96% highlighted the subwoofer performance, but 4% found it lacking
The subwoofer is not a powered subwoofer and runs off the same speaker wire that powers the weaker speakers in the sound bar, which results in lacking bass performance.
I had to buy an amplifier to give the subwoofer enough power to be heard from more than two inches away. Unfortunately, due to the small size of the subwoofer, it doesn't handle low-end frequencies well and struggles with loud bass, leading to poor sound quality.
93% praised the connectivity range, yet 7% faced signal drop-offs
I purchased this soundbar to connect my phone via Bluetooth, but the Bluetooth consistently breaks up. I tried using other devices, but the issue remained the same.
My TV doesn't use Bluetooth for this type of connection, indicating that the soundbar has limited connectivity range.

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