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Dreo Air Fryer 450 Degrees

Power : 1500w


Temperature range : 100°F to 450°F


Control Method : Touchscreen


Capacity : 4 quarts


Product Dimensions : 9.4D x 11.6"W x 9.4"H


Fryer Material : Stainless Steel


Timer : Yes
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About Dreo Air Fryer 450 Degrees
93% highlighted the presets
I need to keep an eye on the food as the presets are not exact.
I like having many presets and I'm getting used to it. I can also adjust time/temp during cooking if I want.
The guides and manuals are easy to read and it comes with a recipe book containing 50 different foods.
The air fryer has easy menus with presets for different types of foods and it is easy to adjust the preset temperature and times.
94% appreciated the design, however 6% found it unappealing
The air-fryer looks good on the counter and doesn't take up much space.
The air fryer is ideal for smaller apartments as it takes up very little counter space and is about a foot and a half tall.
The air fryer is compact and can fit in a small kitchen with limited counter space.
The air fryer is compact and can fit nicely in any kitchen, even those with limited counter space.
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93% found it noise-free, yet 7% reported noise issues
I compared the noise level of two air fryers, DREO and Ninja, and found that DREO is whisper quiet whereas Ninja is much noisier.
The air-fryer is very quiet with a relaxing fan sound. It puts my dogs to sleep.
The beep sound is difficult to detect over the fan noise and can only be heard with really good hearing.
The air-fryer sounds like a white noise machine at a very low volume.
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89% were satisfied with temperature controls
There are 9 preset options available with the ability to adjust temperature and time as needed. Some options include a shake reminder when 60% of the time has passed.
The cookbook has nice simple recipes along with temperature settings and timing.
91% liked controls and functionalities, although 9% found them confusing
The air fryer is easy to use with several presets. It has a touch screen on top and operates quietly.
I prefer the easy-to-operate air fryer over the larger one and compared it with another brand.
The air-fryer is easy to operate with great touch sensitivity and an easy-to-clean container.
It takes some time to understand the controls and there is no handle to move it when hot, which is an issue.
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90% were satisfied with the basket size, but 10% wished it were more spacious
The basket is big enough for me and my mom to make dinner.
The air fryer is several inches deep, so I had to cook one layer at a time and my falafel in 3 batches.
The air-fryer is perfect for cooking for one or two.
The basket is perfect size for my small countertop and quite roomy.
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