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ClokoWe Mini Projector, CLOKOWE 2022 Upgraded Portable Projector

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About ClokoWe Mini Projector, CLOKOWE 2022 Upgraded Portable Projector
95% impressed by sound quality
The sound quality is clear and crisp with excellent image quality.
The speaker is surprisingly loud and the picture quality is good.
The built-in speakers deliver clear sound and there is no need for external audio equipment.
The audio quality is decent, but it would improve with a speaker.
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94% were satisfied with the connectivity
When I use a laptop, the audio comes from the laptop.
An HDMI adapter is required to use with a laptop or tablet, and using a tablet makes the audio come from the projector.
I can connect a USB stick without having to connect to my computer or phone.
I had some problems connecting the projector to my phone even with an iPhone HDMI adapter cord. However, the projector is good and the sound quality is good too, but the volume should not be turned all the way up as it starts to sound choppy.
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95% were captivated by the viewing experience
Even when placed 14 feet away from the wall, the image is still very clear and bright.
The image quality is excellent and the sound is clear and crisp.
I have personally experienced the transformation and the projector has truly transformed my home entertainment experience.
I have personally experienced the outstanding picture quality, with sharp and vibrant images even in well-lit rooms.
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97% appreciated the portability
The projector is small and portable, making it easy to take with me wherever I go.
The projector is very portable and I can stream whatever I want by plugging in a roku stick.
The product is lightweight and easy to carry and store. The main menu is also easy to use.
The projector has a compact size and options to flip screen orientation.
95% praised the seamless compatibility
The projector is compatible with my laptop but not with my phone or tablet.

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