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Family Board Games: Building Memories Together

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Jessica Parker
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Family Board Games is a different affair altogether. The teasing, the laughter, and the joy of having all your loved ones around is a moment that only indoor games like Board Games can create. This blog is a reminiscence of all those games that have been bringing our families together for a long time now.

Having a quality family time, during those days when you are home for vacations or weekends are very important. Take a look at our featured section where we some of the most recommended board games for you. If you are someone, who has been missing out on family time, board games give an excellent reason to spend some time with your family and create memories? If you are already a board game fanatic and own a classic collection of board games, take a look at my blog, “Organizing Board Games- Clutter Busting Made Easy" for tips to organize your collection in the most convenient way possible.

The next section talks exclusively about some of the most popular family board games. Take a read to know some of the most exciting options you can put your hands on.

This is a very exciting family board game that draws the family into a mode of competitiveness and challenge. This game involves two teams, with two sets of cards each. Once every member gets the cards they have to put down one card at a time. But the card should cover the slot assigned on the board with a chip. The idea is to allow each member to get 5 chips in a row. The player who gets 5 chips first, wins. This game is popular because it involves multiple brain-storming strategies. Such games also help in developing the observation skills a player gets, by anticipating his opponent's next move.

The Board games that elevate your game night like Catan Board game is a must-have for those game night as you can challenge your family like never before. This board game for the family involves 4 to 6 players, who will claim the island of Catan, an unidentified place. The idea behind this game is not only to compete but also to allow each member to put in teamwork. Each team will work towards developing this island with the help of available resources and trade-offs. The team that develops the island first becomes the winner. This game is challenging as the trade-offs are tricky, keeping the player on edge throughout.

This family board game for the family is as old as civilization itself with its traces found over 5000 years ago. This game involves 2 players who will have 15 counters each. These counters are moved between 24 triangles on the cue of the 2 dice roles. The best thing about this game is that the winner gets to choose his next opponent until he or she loses. This 2 player cycle repeats between all players until one of them wins.

Pandemic is a very popular board game to play not only with your family during those game-nights but also between friends during sleepovers or get-togethers'. The game includes two teams who fight as one single team and not against each other. The game revolves around dangers that threaten Earth in the form of pandemic and each player will have a role to play. They could be doctors or scientists and will give the cure to the various pandemics. The one who finishes first can be the leader of the group. This game is a little hard to go by because of complicated rules. However, the intriguing nature of various pandemic situations is what makes this game quite challenging and gripping to play with your loved ones.

This is one of the classic board games that has always brought families and friends together. Despite being one of the oldest, this family board game, it is still counted among the top board games. To know more about the all-time popular board games take a read through my other blog, "Top 10 Best Board Games for Good Times with Good Company".

The reason why this game has never left our minds is because of the vocabulary challenges it presents to its team players. Although most of you will know about this game, scrabble involves a board and a few square blocks with alphabets in them. You have to place them on the board to make a word or many words, depending on the alphabet and the pattern. The values against each block are calculated and the highest number wins. Few bonus squares are also available to help the players win.

This might make many of us nostalgic as our childhood revolved around this classic board game. A monopoly consists of two teams that play the game by rolling around a dice on the board. This game comes with a stash of fake currency with which you can buy properties or pay rent to another player who owns that. The player who possesses all the properties and leaves the other players bankrupt wins. This board game for the families has a high-engagement content and can last for a few hours. It gives a perfect option for spending some quality family time. If you are looking to buy a monopoly game, take a look at our featured section for more information.

This is one of those funny games that you can never get enough of by just playing once. This game comes with dice, funny goggles, and cards. This game requires two teams who will roll the dice taking turns. Based on that, they will get the lens that they need to wear. Then one of the teams will draw a card explaining it to the opponent with the help of drawing. What follows is a mess of laughter and fun as once you wear the goggles, they mess up your vision and you are not able to draw well. The team with the highest number of right guesses wins.

This is an excellent family board game and comes with tokens, money, a board, spinner, and lots of cards. The objective of this game is to give you a chance to recreate your life as per the spinner. You can earn money(fake), buy houses, have cars, and everything that you wish to recreate in this fantasy-bound game. This game can keep your entire crew engaged for hours. Alternative, we suggest you can take a look at the blogs that lists out Top 10 Board Games for your good times that help you make an informed buying decision,

Family time is a precious time when all your loved ones come under one roof. Today's stressful lives prevent us from celebrating our relationships as much as we would like to. Therefore, these board games for your families are a good reason for you to connect and bring your loved ones together, creating memories that are forever cherished. If you have been thinking about family get-togethers’ for a long time now, but couldn’t make it to one yet, these board games will give you a perfect reason to do so.

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