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Uliptz Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

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About Uliptz Wireless Bluetooth Headphones
94% found the battery long-lasting, however 6% experienced drains
The battery lasts as long as advertised and I only need to charge it a couple of times per week with heavy use or once a week with normal use.
I have only charged the headphones once in a week.
The battery life is great. It went 16 hours without a charge and never gave a low warning even when charged again.
I only need to charge the battery once a week because its life is so long.
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95% highlighted the portability
I love that the headphones can fold easily and fit in my mini backpack for trips, showing that they are convenient to carry.
I can adjust the head piece as needed and the unit folds up for easier storage.
The headphones come with a carrying bag.
I love that the headphones can be folded and also love the little drawstring bag they came with.
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91% admired the microphone quality, nevertheless, 9% encountered glitches
I can talk through the headphones and hear through them perfectly when I receive phone calls.
The sound is clear and the other person can hear me, but I can sound slightly muffled.
The microphone quality is not up to the mark. It has a fishbowl quality and does not recognize and pick up words easily. I compared it with my more expensive pair and found it lacking.
94% found it easy to connect
The device has a really good range and works even when I walk through the house.
I can connect the headphones via a 3.5mm plug and it is compatible with just about anything.
Pairing with different transmitters is flawless.
93% were satisfied with the noise cancellation, although 7% felt it could be better
The headphones are not noise cancelling, but outside sounds are diminished enough to not bother me.
If I turn up the volume loud enough, it can block out most normal sounds around.
I feel that the noise cancellation could be improved as it only changes the tone of noise to a deeper tone.
Noise cancellation is not excellent, but it will work for mild background noise.
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96% liked the sound quality, yet 4% noticed distortions
The sound quality is balanced, clear and crisp.
The sound quality is good, but only at high volume which is not good for the ears.
The sound quality is nice. At first, it sounded weird but later on, I could not tell the difference.
When I listen to music, podcasts, audiobooks, etc., the sound quality is very good.
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96% appreciated the comfort and fit, however 4% found the fit different
The headphones are comfortable to wear for hours and lightweight.
The headphones are comfortable and lightweight.
The headphones exceeded my expectations and are super comfortable on my head.
I find the headphones to be very comfortable and well-fitting, but the build quality is somewhat lacking.
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