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Predicted reliability

Portable Washing Machine TG23 - Twin Tub Washer Machine with Wash and Spin Cycle Compartments by ThinkGizmos (Trademark Protected)
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Owner satisfaction

Portable Washing Machine TG23 - Twin Tub Washer Machine with Wash and Spin Cycle Compartments by ThinkGizmos (Trademark Protected)
Compact Washers : Washing performance

Washing performance

Portable Washing Machine TG23 - Twin Tub Washer Machine with Wash and Spin Cycle Compartments by ThinkGizmos (Trademark Protected)

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Compact Washer Buying Guide

People who are living in small apartments or buildings with no washer hookups understand how hard it is to have clean clothes every day. Laundry is a time-consuming task that can’t be overlooked. Whether to save time, space, or money, every family insists on buying a washing machine that cuts the hassle out. Due to the small size, a Compact Washer is fairly easy and convenient to install and use. Nowadays, you can even find combos of Compact Washer and dryers, that allows you the convenience of simultaneous washing and drying conveniently. However, consumers need to realize that not all of these washers are alike. Many factors will come into play as you shop for a new washer. So, read through this buying guide and know more about Compact Washers.

Benefits of Buying a Compact Washer

Saves Money

Compact washers are an ideal way to cut down on detergent usage, electricity and water bills.

Saves Space

Compact Washers enable you to maximize your limited space. Some models are incredibly small and can fit on your countertop. 


Compact Washers are small and lightweight allowing you to move it around conveniently. The height of a Compact Washer ranges between 33-34 inches with a depth of 24-29 inches. 


Compact Washers can be set up near your sink bathroom,  kitchen or balcony. All it needs is a water line nearby.

Factors to Consider while Buying a Compact Washer 


There are two types of washing machines in the market, the front load washing machine and the top load washing machine. But Compact Washers always display top load design. One of the benefits of Compact Washers is that you can open the lid any time during the wash cycle unlike some of the other models which pause its operations if interrupted.

Energy Efficient

This is one of the most important features to look for in electrical appliances. Compact Washers consume less energy than the bigger machines because they are compact and consume less power while operating.

Spin Speed

The spin speed indicates the revolutions per minute the washing machine makes. The spinning effect drains the clothes while the air circulates on top of the clothes. It can also limit the use of a washer. So depending on your requirement, researching about the selected product is highly recommended.


Compact Washers come with 4.5 kg load capacity and are suitable for an individual or small-size families.  If your house has a high washing demand, stick to regular washers.


Most of the Compact Washers emit less sound than the standard ones. However, a certain level of hum and vibration will still be present. Settle for a Compact Washer with low noise emission.


You should consider the size of the area in which the machine is going to be installed and the size of the machine itself. Although most of these machines are quite small, they come in different sizes.  Depending on your space availability, settle for a washer accordingly.


A Compact Washer is an excellent option for people who value portability, efficiency and other features. If your living space is smaller, Compact Washers can be a perfect substitute for standard washing machines. If you are on a budget, Compact Washers can be a good buy. Take a look at our recommended selection of Compact Washers currently trending the market. 

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