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Blood Pressure Monitor and Everything About it

Updated on Aug 13, 2021 by Jessica Parker
blood pressure monitor

A blood pressure monitor is also known as a sphygmomanometer. The device consists of an inflatable cuff that measures blood pressure. It collapses and then releases the artery under the cuff. It is measured in millimeters units of mercury.

Why Do You Need a Blood Pressure Monitor?

Home blood pressure monitoring can help with the diagnosis of high or low blood pressure. Self-monitoring removes the need of going for a professional check-up. It will help your doctor diagnose your symptoms well if you suffer from either high or low BP. Read our dedicated blog on why you need BP monitors for more clarity.

What Does a Blood Pressure Monitor Detect?

A blood pressure tracker detects the highs and lows of your blood pressure. Having high blood pressure can be the cause of underlying chronic illnesses. This gadget helps you track your health, monitors your BP levels and tells a lot about your body.

Different Types of Blood Pressure Monitors


The manual BP monitors have an inflatable cuff. It also has a mercury-filled vertical vessel and an air-inflating rubber ball. It works on the auscultation principle. The air pressure in the inflated cuff releases gradually. You can hear palpitating sounds using a stethoscope. As the air pressure releases, the mercury in the tube drops and stores the readings for SBP and DBP. They are known for their efficient and accurate readings.

Aneroid Sphygmomanometer

This works on a similar principle as manual, except it comes with a gauge to measure SBP and DBP.

Automatic BP Monitor

The Oscillometric Method is the principle behind automatic or digital blood pressure monitors. It has an inflatable cuff for manual or automatic inflation. It operates with the help of a batter. BP monitors are electronic devices that are simple to operate. They are portable and advisable for frequent users.

Connected and App-based Monitors

These are pipe-less or wireless devices. It comes with a compact design and advanced mobile application technology. It has a cuff that connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth. Patients can download the device's app. The cuff then measures SBP and DBP once the app activates.

Buy the Best Blood Pressure Monitor

Lovia Blood Pressure Monitor

Lovia blood pressure monitor is clinically proven to be accurate. It also has an FDA registration. The BP monitor features an irregular heartbeat and hypertension detection function. This is a professional's tool that helps someone suffering from hypertension. It is a convenient, fast and precise way to watch the blood pressure levels. It is portable and easy to use. You are in control of your health with Lovia's blood pressure monitor.

Alcedo Blood Pressure Monitor

The Alcedo Blood Pressure Monitor is an advanced device. It measures and tracks your blood pressure at home. The BP monitor comes with a wide-range cuff and makes it convenient for home use. It has an LCD screen, 2x120 memory, talking function, among other features. It's designed for your comfort and convenience and is easy to use and store. The professional-grade blood pressure tracker inflates and reads the blood pressure, pulse and heart rate. It has a push-button operation.

Clinical Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor Upper Arm

The Clinical Automatic Monitor is an advanced solution to measure accurate blood pressure. It features a large digital display for easy reading. The gadget consists of a comfortable, adjustable, non-invasive blood pressure cuff for comfort. The monitor also has an irregular heartbeat detector and alerts you to irregularities.

Greater Goods Blood Pressure Monitor

The Greater Goods Digital Wrist Monitor is a simple way to track your blood pressure. It requires no coding and is a compact and lightweight model. The BP tracker has a storage drawer that holds the patient guide and AC adapter. It has a cuff that can the user can wear over the upper arm. The machine is easy to use and also gives good results.

This product is helpful for those who are hypertensive or for those who have high blood pressure. It helps the user to check and watch the blood pressure at home. Check out our blog on wrist blood pressure monitors to know everything about them.


We recommend you to check your blood pressure at least twice a day, once first thing in the morning and again before bed. Make a note of your findings and bring them with you to your next appointment. Choosing the best device can be tricky, our blog on best selling BP monitors will help you ease your buying process.

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