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Best-selling Blood Pressure Monitors

Updated on Jul 21, 2021 by Jessica Parker
blood pressure monitors

Blood pressure is a measurement of the force of blood against the walls of the arteries. It's measured in millimeters of mercury (mmHg). The systolic pressure is the top number and the diastolic pressure is the bottom number. Blood pressure monitors are handy devices that accurately measure blood pressure levels. These gadgets come with varying whistles, Bluetooth connectivity, adequate storage, and memory.

This blog intends to focus on some of the crucial factors that you can consider before buying the best blood pressure monitors.

What to Look for in a Blood Pressure Monitor

Check the Fit

As per AHA standards, the BP monitor cuff should be adjustable, automatic, and deep style cuff. Ideally, it should be a bicep cuff and not a finger or wrist as they may produce inaccurate results. For those who are comfortable with wrist blood pressure monitors, it is best to get them calibrated before use.

Number of Users

If your blood pressure monitor has many users, then make sure to go with the one that can accommodate more users.


Go with features like Bluetooth, app connectivity, decent storage, and memory while looking for a BP monitor. Some BP monitors are all-in-one models. They act as a heartbeat detector and hypertension monitor while including the above-mentioned features.


Blood pressure monitors vary between $25 to $100 depending on factors like size, brand, added features, etc. You can do some research and set the budget before you buy.


The blood pressure monitor should display accurate results. You can take your BP monitor to the doctor to check its accuracy, but it's good to buy only clinically tested units. Make sure to check security standards like AHA certification before your purchase.

Customer Reviews

Consider customer reviews and product ratings before making any final selection. It will help you to get an idea of the device's performance and accuracy.

How Do Blood Pressure Monitors Work?

Blood pressure monitors consist of an inflatable cuff and a monitor display unit. The cuff is wrapped around the wrist or the upper arm. Once wrapped, the cuff is inflated with pressure about 20 mm Hg above the systolic pressure.

This blocks blood flow in arteries and when the cuff deflates, blood flows through the arteries again. In this while, the transducer in the BP monitor receives vibrations and converts them into electrical signals. The BP monitor displays the accurate pressure readings through a large LCD display.

Buy Best Blood Pressure Monitors 2020

Paramed Blood Pressure Monitors

This Paramed blood pressure monitor equips a large LCD screen, 90 readings memory, easy-to-use interface. It also includes a cuff of length 13.5-19.5cm for convenience. This model comes with a durable carry box and 2 AA batteries.

Lovia Blood Pressure Monitor

This Lovia blood pressure is popular for its accuracy and HD screen. This gadget can also detect Arrhythmia with just a one-button operation. It has a 2-user memory, 120 memory sets, and an adjustable cuff. This is one of the best BP monitors in the market today.

Alcedo BP Monitor

The Alcedo BP monitor offers a voice broadcast feature while using the one push-button design for convenience. It has a large LCD screen, adjustable volume settings, and two-user mode. This handy gadget has a reputation for accuracy and advanced features.

Clinical Automatic Upper Arm Pressure Monitor

This Clinical Automatic Upper Arm pressure gadget offers accurate monitoring by reading your systolic and diastolic blood pressure. This BP monitor is clinically tested to offer only the exact results. It also consists of a memory recall feature for the last 90 readings.

Cazon BP Monitor

This Cazon BP monitor makes the process of BP reading easy and simple. It has a large display, 2-users mode, and an adjustable big cuff. This BP monitor can effectively monitor pulse rate, systolic and diastolic pressure, and irregular heart rate. It comes with a portable design and 4AAA batteries.

LAZLE Blood Pressure Monitor

The LAZLE Blood Pressure Monitor comes with a large backlit display and a solid carrying case. It has advanced measuring techniques that give you accurate pressure readings. The two-user memory allows you to store up to 200 recordings with the date and time labels. It has an adjustable arm cuff measuring 8" to 17" in length.

Key Takeaway

Blood Pressure monitors are important gadgets to have at home. Having the gadget to monitor your BP, heart rate and pulse will help you take better care of your health.

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