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Ease of use and features




Sport versatility




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Feature wise top Heart rate monitor

Heart rate monitor : Ease of use and features

Ease of use and features

SonoHealth Portable EKG Heart Rate Monitor | Wireless Handheld Home ECG Cardio & Electrocardiogram Machine | Biofeedback Finger & Chest Leads View Irregular Cardiac Arrhythmia Vitals on a Mobile Phone
Heart rate monitor : Sport versatility

Sport versatility

Powr Labs Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap - ANT + Bluetooth Chest Heart Rate Monitor with Chest Strap - HRM Run Bike Tri Cycling - Chest Strap Heart Monitor for Strava Zwift Wahoo Garmin Polar Peloton

Heart Rate Monitor Buying Guide

Heart rate monitor is a convenient and straightforward device that allows you to track your heart rate 24/7. Whether you are a jogger or a triathlete, heart rate monitor is useful for everyone. Heart rate monitors come in a variety of forms, functions and prices. It makes training sessions and workouts more efficient, telling you when to speed up, slow down or even stop.  

Types of heart rate monitor

Chest-strap monitor

This type of an HRM electronically detects the pulse with the help of a wireless sensor attached to a chest strap. The data is displayed on a receiver that resembles your wristwatch. A chest strap monitor provides the most accurate results.

Wrist-strap monitor

Wrist strap HRM are comparatively less accurate but convenient to use. It detects the pulse using an inbuilt optical sensor. Wristwatch monitor is the perfect partner without any pre-workout fuss!

Benefits of buying a heart rate monitor

Your personal coach

Heart rate monitors combine the monitoring with the perceived efforts you should make. It acts like a personal coach guiding you when to slow down and when to intensify, which makes your sessions efficient.

Safe workout

It helps you to decide what intensity of workout suits your age and body through your heart rate. Heart rate monitors prevent you from overtraining, which holds the potential to cause serious injuries.

Track of calories burnt

Mostly all devices calculate how many calories you burnt, taking into account distance and duration. With a heart rate monitor, you can consider intensity as another factor to get fast results and track the calories burnt!

Measure your workout

It can easily store weeks' worth of information that helps you to identify where you go wrong during the workout. If you are someone who struggles with math, HRMs will save the day for you.

Features to look for while buying a heart rate monitor


Your HRM should pair with your smartphone to allow your phone's primary control without taking it out of the pocket. Text or listen to the music, with just a push button on your wristband.


Heart rate monitors are available as low as 30$, while some might even cost you several hundred dollars. the prices vary according to the features and function your device will offer.

Battery replacement

Pick a model that offers rechargeable batteries and easy maintenance so that you don't have to run to the market to buy a new one almost every other day.

Display & Ease of use

Make sure the display screen is big enough to easily read the numbers and comes with a backlight for emergencies. The buttons should be adequately labeled and easy to use. Pick something that limits the use of those boring manuals.

Target zones

Look for models that offer at least three target zones. Some might even come with the capacity to have multiple target zones, which can work for a series of different activities. If your HRM has only a single target zone, you will waste a lot of time reprogramming it every time you change your plans.


Heart rate monitor will help you to take your workout to the next level by incorporating necessary changes. You can also use them to keep a regular check on your overall health. Make sure to use this information to find the perfect combination of comfort, features and cost.

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