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Diablo D1260X Combination Saw Blade

Cuts Like A Hot Knife Through Butter, Gumming And Corrosion, Parma-Shield Coating For Less Drag, Standard Carbide

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  • Features an ATB grind and rakes tooth design that allows straighter rips and improved performance
  • Made of high-density carbide material that offers optimum strength and long-lasting usage
  • Comes with a perma-shield coating that offers less drag, gumming and corrosion


  • Size may not be accurate


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  • Users of this product said

    The blade is very thin and I like that it is able to make a clean cut without losing wood to the cut.

    I have always found the Diablo blades to be the best blade for the money because they are thinner and have better cutting ability than other blades because of the lack of power from the saw motor.

    I have tried a number of different brands and styles of blades and this one is the best because it fits my portable table saw perfectly.

    The blade cuts like a knife through butter and the saw is not a great saw, but it does make your cuts a little ugly.

    I have been using the Diablo blades for a few months now and I have to say that they are much better than the stock blades I have used before.

    Question & Answers


    Is it good for miter angle cuts?


    The blade is thin and straight, which is great for cutting straight and angles.


    Is it possible that it cut alluminum?


    I can't speak on this blade in particular, but I run a lot of aluminum soffit/fascia and trim coil around windows and doors.


    What is the hole diameter?


    It's 1".


    Will this be able to cut 6x6s easily?


    Yes. We cut Oak 6x6, 4x6 and 3x6 all day long.


    Is it possible to use it on a table saw?


    I would recommend a blade designed for ripping instead of using it on a table saw.

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