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Diablo by Freud D0641X Finishing Saw Blade, Multi, 6-1/2" x 40"

Extreme Durability, Freud 'S Tico Hi Density Carbide, Standard Carbide, Ultra Thin Kerf Design, Laser Cut Stablilizer Vents

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BVR Rating 269 reviews


  • Comes with an ultra thin kerf design that offers fast and effortless cuts
  • Made of high-density carbide material that offers optimum strength and long-lasting usage
  • Features a perma-shield coating that offers less drag, gumming and corrosion


  • The blade may be thin

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  • Users of this product said

    I suggest that you try them because they are the best in this price range, but they aren't the best in the world.

    If you have ever used high-quality blades from Forrest, Amana, Bosch, Festool, Maffel, etc., you will recognize the difference immediately.

    The teeth must coordinate with alternating bevels to prevent even friction and that requires extensive testing with high-speed cameras, computer modeling, re-design and so on.

    I use a Milwaukee 18V circ saw for many things, but I think it was never intended for such things as compound miters and baseboards.

    I am very impressed with the blade, but I wish it were sold in the stores.

    Question & Answers


    Would this be a good choice to cut both 2x4s and 1/2 boards without tearing out?


    I used this for cutting and access door in a finished hardwood floor and it came out very clean.


    Does anyone know if Diablo makes a 6.5" 60t finishing blade?


    They don't have one listed on their website, so you can contact them directly.


    Can this be used on a table saw?


    I have a fathero set that works in the Ridgid R4512 and it has a maximum cut height of 3.25".


    Is it possible for this blade to cut plexi glass?


    No, Plexi glass is cut with a sharp scoring tool, similar to cutting glass, or with a very fine-tooth saw.


    Will it work with a accucut saw?


    I don't own an Accu cut so if that's all it takes, 7 1/4 inch blade than that blade will not work, if that's all it takes, 6 1/2 inch blade and the author size is the same as that sawblade, then it will work look in

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