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Top 4 Reasons Why Your Printer Gets Jammed

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Sydney Williams

A functional printer is a very important part of the professional as well as student lives. Especially with the pandemic all around and maximum establishments declaring work from home and online classes, having a good printer is imperative. Most of the printers today offer all functions of printing, scanning, faxing and copying and are quite convenient to use and navigate. However, regular use calls for wear and tear on the machine, resulting in malfunctioning. Thus, if your printer stops working suddenly, it can be a matter of concern.

However, most of the times the reasons for malfunctioning are minor and can be fixed with some quick hacks. Problems like paper jams, low responsiveness, streaky prints are quite common when it comes to printers and can be easily fixed. So, Make sure you read the blog that tells you everything to put the ink correctly in a printer. This blog intends on highlighting those small problems and their easy fixes.  Let us take a look.

Paper Jams  

Paper jam is a common issue that can occur if the papers are misaligned or overloaded in the paper tray.  

To resolve this, repeat the following steps 

  • Open your tray and ensure that the paper is aligned
  • Remove the complete stack of papers and align it again properly
  • Ensure that you’ve loaded sheets as per your printer’s paper capacity
  • Also ensure that if you’re using a different type of paper, that specific paper type setting has been toggled to avoid jams
  • If all these steps do not resolve your issue, try to reboot your printer

Also, make sure to remove the duplexer and check the rollers as some small pieces of paper can get stuck inside it during a jam.  

Printer Driver Version  

Printer driver is the software that converts the data to a format the printer can understand.  Sometimes, you may also encounter a problem if the version of your printer driver has become outdated. To fix this, download the new version and uninstall the older one to reestablish the smooth connection again.  

Overloaded Printer Queue  

A print queue is the list of printer output jobs. It maintains a log of pending and active printing jobs by storing the status in a reserved memory area.  Sometimes, the queue might get confused if you delete, reorder or postpone your printer jobs and cause your driver to halt its operations. 

Some quick fixes to resolve this issue include deleting the jobs, turning off your printer, and turning it back on again.  Additionally, if you’re using Windows, you can open Windows Services and find the print spooler option to stop all the jobs which might be confusing your printer.  

Clogged Printhead 

Sometimes, printer ink can dry up in your printer head and clog the parts. The solution to this issue can be cleaning your cartridge with a microfiber dish cloth absorbent and reloading it after it has dried.  You can also run the printhead cleaning option from your printer’s software to resolve this. So, it is pivotal to comprehend the ways to prevent the ink from drying out.

Key Takeaway  

Printers like Computer printers are also a necessary part of our workplace and knowing the quick fixes to common problems always comes handy. These tips are effective on almost all printers. We hope our guide will help you the next time you find yourself stuck in such a situation.  However, if you are looking to buy a new printer, then we can certainly help you in finding the right one. It is advisable that you read through the blog that highlights some of the most common mistakes people make while buying printer inks. Also, take a look at "Reasons Why Printer Ink is So Expensive" that helps you make an informed decision.

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