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DIY Printer Repair: Common Hacks

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Jessica Parker
DIY Printer Repair

Just like any other machine, computer printers and Inkjet printers are also subjected to wear and tear due to their frequent use. This guide focuses on DIY printer repair hacks that can be applied easily for minor malfunctions within the machine. Frequent mistakes to avoid while buying printer inks.

Lagging Printer Speed 

If you're facing a slow printer speed or if the paper takes longer to print and come out then there are two things that you can try. The first is to print the documents in the draft version. The draft version uses less ink and delivers dull pages at the fastest speed possible. If you are planning on using print outs for everyday personal purpose, the draft version will be an ideal choice.

The second DIY printer repair hack is only applicable if you are using a wireless printer. Try moving closer to the router so the NFC can be stronger. If these do not work, then it's time to call a technician.  

Reduced Print Quality 

If your printout is of inferior quality or you notice spots and horizontal lines, then it's time to check the printer head. Many times, the printer head becomes blocked due to less use of the device. This makes the ink dry and stops the flow of fresh ink from flowing and printing new pages. There are two solutions to this. 

The first step is to clean the print head using the functions of your printer and then test printing. The second is to use the printer frequently to prevent the ink from drying up. It is recommended that you clean the printer once in 15 days to get rid of any clogged head and prevent the accumulation of dried ink.  Cleaning a printer regularly is one of the most effective DIY printer repair hacks. Such hacks not only prevents the printer from malfunctioning but also extends its functional life.

Printer Doesn’t Work at All 

The situation of the printer not printing at all is common and can happen either due to minor issues that can be fixed or major ones for which you might need to replace your old printer. However, before deciding it is important to check if the issue is fixable or not.  

  • Check if there is any unusual indicator or message light blinking. In case there is, try fixing that first 
  •  You can also switch off and on the printer to reset it 
  • Ensure if the plugs are inserted correctly 
  • If it’s a wireless printer, restarting the modem also helps sometimes if there is a problem with the signal 
  • There is also a built-in troubleshooter in printers and you may try that if nothing from the above works

Expensive Ink Cartridges 

Cost of ink is one of the major issues that users face while operating the printer. Often, the printers consume ink fast and the cartridges require frequent replacement. This can become expensive if you are a frequent user. Thus, to avoid this, you can use either remanufactured cartridges from OEM or use Non-OEM cartridges that are compatible with your machine. These cartridges like HP 920 920XL Refillable Ink Cartridges cost less and deliver the same printing results.  

Another DIY printer repair option is to switch to laser printers. Although, quality-wise inkjet delivers better than laser, when it comes to ink consumption then laser printers are a feasible option for everyday use. 

Frequent Paper Jams 

Paper jams are one of the frequent yet annoying problems that you face with a printer. There are many reasons why paper jams occur.  

  • It could be because of a loose object like stapler pins or paper clips 
  • Too much accumulation of dirt and dust also causes the printer to jam 
  • Contradictorily, it may also happen due to too many papers in the feeding tray  
  • Jams could also be a result of feeding the paper at a wrong angle 

The first solution to this is to clean your printer and check the papers in the feeding tray. Another alternative to this is to stack fewer papers at once to avoid jams. Especially if it's a photo print then manually placing them on the tray as the printing happens is an advisable method. 

Wrong Indicators 

Printers sometimes give out wrong indications like indicating the cartridge as empty when it isn’t. When this happens do not throw out the cartridge immediately. Here is how you can squeeze out the last drops of ink.  

  • Remove and shake your toner cartridge and insert it again 
  • Check the ink levels by opening the printer top 
  • Print and see if the quality of the print is faded. If you see the letter faded or partially visible, then its time to get new ink.

Difficulty in Removing or Installing Toners 

This is a step where many people face difficulty. Even the smallest of problems such as a slight difference in the angle of the toner may make the printer malfunction. Thus, while using a toner, remember to take care of few points. 

  • Pull out the drum unit entirely to replace or install a new toner 
  • Make sure to hear a click if the toner is replaced successfully 
  • Check if the toner you are using is compatible with your printer or not 

Sending Command to the Wrong Printer 

If your computer is connected to many printers, you might end up sending your print request to the wrong one. Do not panic if this happens. Go to the Devices and Printers tab and change your preference to your default printer. This should fix the glitch and you should have uninterrupted printing again.  

Bad Quality Printing 

If you see that your printer is delivering documents that are either partially visible in some areas and entirely visible in some, then try out the steps below. Such errors may happen due to many reasons. However, the reasons are usually minor and can be fixed with some DIY steps. 

  • If your document is printing in draft mode, changing to a higher-quality print in your settings may fix the issue 
  • Shaking the cartridge or replacing the cartridge can also solve your problem. So make sure you read through the blog that gives the right way to put ink in a printer. 
  • A clogged print head could also be a common reason for poor quality print 
  • You might have to also adjust the nozzles 


There is nothing that a good toner and ink can’t fix. These measures stated above are simple to apply and could fix a stuck printer immediately. However, it is recommended to not force any of these techniques as it may lead to long-term damage.

However, if you are tired of your old printer and looking to replace it with a new advanced one then, head over to bestviewsreviews.com. They review & recommend some of the best products based on their quality, performance, and durability to simplify your buying process. So, don't forget to take a look, before you get hooked. Happy shopping to you!

Created with Raphaël
Created with Raphaël

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