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2_Paper Shredders: Tips and Hacks for Troubleshooting

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Sydney Williams

We all have been through the pain of trying to tear many pages at once, resulting in hours of a tedious job. To make it worse, we cannot even shred the paper into perfect tiny pieces manually. In such scenarios, a paper shredder is your best friend. Having a paper shredder is a necessity today because of the growing number of security breaches and crimes that happen every day. If you haven’t bought one or are planning to buy one shortly, you can read my article, ‘Paper Shredders: A Great Solution to a Grave problem’. For our friends who already have paper shredders at home, cleaning and maintaining your device is vital too. 

Paper Shredder Maintenance Tips

  • Emptying the Bin

Take out time from your schedule to empty the bin periodically. Even if the bin isn’t full, it’s recommended to take all trash out at least once a month for proper maintenance of the machine.

  • Clean the Blades

After you’re done using the shredder, remove any remaining bits of paper which get stuck in the blades. A can of compressed air can be used to blow all the dust and shreds out.

  • Lubrication

An oil can extend the lifespan of your shredder significantly. It’s recommended to lubricate the unit every time the bin is emptied as oiling the shredder post-jam night not be able to do any damage control.   If your paper shredder is jammed, read my blog, ‘How to fix a Paper Shredder‘ which focuses on common problems with a paper shredder like paper jams lubrication, overheating etc.

Why did my paper shredder stop working?

Sometimes following all the above steps are not enough. But some troubleshooting hacks might be able to save your day. A few extra tips can help you resurrect your shredder from the dead.

  • Problems with Installation of the Bin

Many times, a shredder might stop working all of a sudden. The problem here might lie in the installation of the bin. As a safety feature, shredders stop working if the bin isn’t installed properly.

  • Problems with Paper Discard Style

Papers should not be folded before putting them in the shredder. This is a blunder most people make for units with large paper holding capacity.

  • Adhesive and Glue papers Discarded Wrongly

Paper with adhesives or stickers should be discarded manually only. Putting a paper with glue residue can cause your shredder to get jammed.

  • Discard of Solid Materials Wrongly

Credits cards and CDs should be shredded individually. It would be better to use the dedicated slots if possible.

  • Continuous Usage of Paper Shredder

Using your shredder continuously without any breaks can cause it to overheat and produce sounds. To avoid this, give your shredder some break after every 15 minutes to prevent jams.


In this article, we mainly dealt with maintenance and troubleshooting hacks.  If buying a paper shredder feels a lot of commitment, you can make a paper shredder at home too. DIY paper shredders are now becoming very popular. At the end of the day, protecting your sensitive information with ease is of utmost importance!

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