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1_Paper Shredders- A Great Solution to a Grave Problem

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Sydney Williams

Data security is important for every individual, organization and brand. With multiple data security breaches happening, people have become more vigilant. Documents that contain sensitive information cannot be thrown like other pages and material. Scammers target documents like credit cards or company’s confidential documents to rip you off your hard-earned money. Do not worry, damage control can be done! This article focuses on a machine that can successfully prohibit such security breach easily. The machine I am talking about is a paper shredder! A paper shredder can cut your documents into minute unrecognizable pieces.. Buying a paper shredder isn’t as easy as it seems and might be a little challenging for new buyers. Before we delve into the details, we have recommended a few paper shredders that are trending the market for their efficiency and have listed them in our featured section. Do take a look, if you decide on investing in this machine.

Paper Shredder Cut Options

  • Strip-Cut Shredders

Strip-cut shredders do exactly what they endorse, cut the paper into long and thin strips. They cannot be used for highly confidential documents because the vertically cut long pieces can be reconstructed for information.

  • Cross-Cut Shredders

This one is used for confidential documents and is a step ahead of strip-cut shredders in terms of security. They add a cross wide cut into the paper slicing it into very thin and short pieces. A cross-cut shredder is capable of slicing your one piece of paper into 400 shreds.

  • Micro-Cut Shredders

These shredders are used for highly confidential documents. The paper is cut from all directions, slicing it into small, square-shaped particles making it impossible to reconstruct.

Types of Paper Shredders

Depending upon your personal requirements, you can go with a shredder that’s most suitable for you. You might want to shred a few documents occasionally at home or might be required to tearing a pile every day.

  • Personal or Home use paper shredders are portable and generally meant for 1 or 2 users and can shred 1-10 sheets simultaneously.
  • Commercial heavy-duty shredders are capable of shredding 20 sheets at once and can be used by 5+ users.
  • Industrial paper shredder machines majorly used in warehouses and industries are very powerful. They shred huge volumes of data in bulk.
  • A very unconventional category of manual paper shredders exists in the market too. They do not require any electricity supply and falls under most compact variants.

Factors to Look for Before Buying a Paper Shredder

  • Security

As discussed before, go with the shredder which seems more viable for your use. If you want to process highly confidential documents, you should always go for micro-cut shredders.   If you already own a paper shredder but are having trouble with its functioning, take a look at my other blog, ‘Paper Shredders- Tips and Hacks for Troubleshooting’.

  • Price

These shredders can cost as low as USD 50 to as high as USD 50000 for an industrial shredder. An affordable shredder can be easily invested for home purposes. The more is the capacity of the shredder, the higher its price will be.

  • Bin Capacity

Most people overlook this feature by concluding it to be an insignificant one. However, this is the wrong notion. A bin with a larger capacity will take less time to get emptied.

  • Safety Features

Some shredders come with safety locks and sensors. These sensors can detect a finger or a hand when it touches the opening. Therefore, safety features like the lock feature can lock the shredder even when the machine is in ‘On’ mode.


Paper shredder has become a necessity in these modern times. Companies spend thousands of dollars in ensuring that sensitive information is stored and destroyed with care without any leakage of information. A data breach could result in a bad reputation for you and your business and we’re sure you do not want that. If you haven’t considered buying one yet but is worried about the data, it’s time to rethink. We hope this article helps you in making the best choice.

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