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Delicious Dutch Oven Desserts

Updated on Nov 26, 2021 by Jessica Parker
dutch oven desserts

Dutch oven desserts are easy to prepare and are always a hit at any party. Their versatility is the reason for this is. You can take almost any type of fruit, put it in a Dutch oven, and then top it with your favorite topping and bake it. You can create all kinds of desserts from the Dutch oven. Read our blog to know about the delicious dutch oven camping recipes.

Dutch Oven Cakes

Dutch Oven Cheesecake

The Dutch Oven Cheesecake is not only delicious but can serve up to eight people. This Dutch oven cake is a perfect choice for people who like cheese. It's a moist and delicious cheesecake that you can serve your friends and family as an elegant dessert, or you can wrap it up and give it away as a gift. This cake is a great way to impress your guests and have a delicious dessert that everyone can enjoy.

Dutch Oven Mississippi Mud Cake

Dutch oven Mississippi mud cake has been an all-time favorite dessert. You can make it easily by following its easy, camping-friendly recipe. is a great dessert for any occasion, and the ingredients are all common items you already have on hand. The finished product is a golden brown cake with pecans and chocolate chips. Let it cool slightly and serve it hot with ice cream.

S'mores Dutch Oven Cake

S'mores dutch oven cake is a dessert that you can try if are camping under the stars or roasting marshmallows on a bonfire. It was a collaborative recipe from the folks at Dutch Oven Gourmet.

In this Dutch oven cake, all the ingredients are together in a bowl. Then with the help of a hand mixer, they are mixed. In the next step, pour the S'mores Dutch Oven Cake into an oven-proof pan. Then place it in a pre-heated dutch oven till it cooks all the way through with a moist center.

Cookies & Brownies

Dutch Oven Chocolate Chip Cookies

The Dutch oven chocolate chip cookies are a type of cookie that contains yeast. Firstly, the cookie dough is prepared in a large bowl and then shaped into a loaf and placed inside the Dutch oven. The oven is then placed on a stove and heated on medium to high heat until the dough rises. Dutch-oven cooking will add a nice crispy texture to the outside of the cookie by making it brown and golden. Once ready, place the cookies on a cooling rack for some time before eating.

Dutch Oven Brownies

Dutch oven brownies are a classic dessert that never goes out of style. Brownies are a favorite for just about everyone. Dutch oven brownies use a variety of ingredients, from Dutch cocoa powder to milk chocolate. You can even use nuts and pecans as toppings.

There is no one recipe for Dutch oven brownies; every cook has their favorite ingredients. There are some similarities among recipes for these brownies. For example, many include brown sugar and melted butter, an egg or two, and some include both cocoa powder and chocolate.

Dutch Oven Seven Layer Brownies

The recipe for Dutch oven seven-layer brownies is one of the most favorite recipes of the food bloggers community. The 7-layer bar is an iconic American dessert and seems to have originated in either Texas or Oklahoma. Traditionally, it is creamy and similar to the consistency of a fudge layer, chocolate, baked and layered with oodles of nuts, coconut, and more chocolate.

Cobblers & Other Classics

Easy Dutch Oven Cobbler

Easy Dutch Oven Cobbler is a baked dessert that's easy to make with a Dutch oven. It is the perfect dessert for any occasion. Cobbler is a delicious way to use seasonal fresh fruits or canned fruits you have in hand. It uses and bakes a fruit sauce with cake batter poured on top. The batter rises through the fruit and creates a mouthwatering dessert.

You can use a cast-iron Dutch oven like the top-ranking Lodge Camp Dutch Oven to make a Dutch oven cobbler. Then place the batter in the Dutch oven and fill it with fruit. Next, place it in the preheated Dutch oven. Finally, turn down the Dutch oven to a low temperature and leave for several hours. The low temperature allows the batter to rise through the filling till it cooks and transforms into the best Dutch Oven desserts.

Dutch Baby Cobbler

Baby cobbler typically consists of a baked pancake. It is a little round, and it has a bit of a crumble to it. You can serve it with powdered sugar or with a fruit sauce but this is not always the case. Dutch babies are a classic breakfast treat in the Netherlands. They are usually popular on Sundays with a cup of hot coffee. The American version of this treat is the "cobber."

It uses a biscuit-like batter poured into a pan and then baked in an oven. Additional fruits on top of the batter add extra sweetness to the dish. Besides, there are some variations where bacon and cheese are also popular while preparing this dish.

Do I Need to Season an Enamel Dutch oven?

The enameled cast iron dutch ovens do not require seasoning before use. You can use them without any seasoning. The other models that do not come with enameled surfaces require seasoning. Seasoning your dutch ovens will help you clean them easily after use and also will provide protection against rusting or corrosion.

The reviews of Lodge Deep Camp Dutch Oven suggest it is safe to use and is pre-seasoned cookware with an 8-quart capacity.

Can I Preheat an Empty Dutch Oven?

You should not preheat an empty oven on a high heat setting. This can burn your food items. Getting delicious food doesn't require you to preheat your dutch oven empty. You can preheat your dutch oven for baking bread at a low temperature, and for a maximum of 30 minutes.


The Dutch oven is a cast-iron cooking pot that you can use to prepare many desserts and other foods. It has a flat bottom, three short legs, a lid, and a handle. The Dutch oven is common while cooking stews, soups, and other slow-cooked meals, typically over an open fire or charcoal flame. There are many brands in the market that offer high-quality dutch ovens. You can glance through our blog to find the list of the best Tramontina dutch ovens.

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