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Card Games for Kids: Never-ending Fun and Challenges

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Jessica Parker
card games for kids

Kids are easily bored and having some fun & challenging card games for them will always come in handy. Card games are one of the most entertaining ways of passing the time. Be it vacations, holidays, or simply just a boring evening, various kids card games can delight our kids never leaving a boring moment to ponder.

Games on iPads, TVs, and play stations are a sure way of entertaining them but what about productivity?

The biggest downside of virtual games is the lack of productivity and thought-process. In such games, kids are mindlessly and endlessly glued to their screens. But with card games entertainment, productivity, and not to forget, and quality family time always follows.

Card games are a great way to encourage quality family bonding time, one which mobile gaming cannot give. If you are also a frustrated parent, looking for ways to keep their children engaged, take a look at our most recommended card games that are interesting, thrilling, and also fruitful. Meanwhile, let us take a look at a few of the best card games for kids that will ensure happy faces throughout!

Go Fish: The Most Entertaining Kids Card Game Ever!

Go Fish is a very engaging game that involves a deck of 52 cards and between 3 to 4 players. Each player will get 7 cards each, to begin with. The rest of the cards stay face down and comes into play as the game proceeds. This lot of spare cards gets the name as the fish pond. The player will ask his opponent for a card that will match the suit of the card he has. The idea is to form a set of all 4 cards in a suit.

If the requester cannot get the desired card from the opponent, he will say 'Go Fish'. The player who can form his suites the first wins. If both the players do not have the required cards, they can take on of them from the fish pond. This is one of the favorite two-player card games as well.

Crazy Eights: Most Crazy Card Game

Crazy Eights is a fun game and kind of resembles the famous Uno game. It involves 2 or 4 players with each player having a set of 7 cards, to begin with. The rest of the cards stays face down with the topmost card put separately upturned. The idea is to match the upturned number and discard the card on the pile that matches the upturned card. It can be a card of any suit but the number should match. If you don't have the card, you will need to pick one from the face-down pile.

This game gets its name as the 'crazy eight' as any card with the number '8' is a wild card. This card compensates for another card if there are no matching cards with any of the players. The player to discard all his cards first is the winner. This game is quite versatile and is in the list of favorite games for single players too. To know more about single-player card games, read my next blog on, "Single Player Card Games- Finding your Best Friend in Yourself".

War: Most Challenging Kids Card Game

War is a very fun and competitive game where each player gets all the cards until the stack gets over. Both the players cannot look at their cards and need to put it face down. the players then upturn the topmost card of the face-down pile simultaneously. Whichever player has the highest number, will get to keep both the cards and set them aside.

This will continue until all the cards are compared and kept aside. The player who wins all the cards first wins.

Snap: Most Fun-filled Kids Card Game

Snap is a fun and engaging game that requires observational skills. This game involves 3-4 players for a game. The players get to use the entire deck until no cards are left. None of the players can look at their cards. Once the game starts, the first player will upturn the first card and keep it next to his pile. Other players will do the same.

As the game proceeds, there will be a point when two of the cards will be the same, like two jacks or two eights. The player to notice it first will shout, 'snap', and he gets all the cards. The player who wins all the cards at the end wins.

UNO: Most Engaging Card Game

UNO is a fun and exciting game and involves any number of players, going up to 10. Each member gets 5 or 7 cards and one card will be upturned in the middle with the rest of the pile face down. The players have to match the upturned card with the cards they have, either in terms of the number or the color. The twist comes when someone has a wildcard. Wildcards are used in place of any card, color or number.

There is also a reverse card where the game goes in reverse if a player possesses this card. Similarly, there is also a skip card where the next player loses his turn and the alternate player gets the chance. The player who manages to lose all his cards wins. It is a very fun-filled game that will surely keep their players on the edge of their seats.

Slapjack: Most Humorous Card Game

This is one of the classic games for kids and is quite fun to play. Each player will have their own stack of cards face down. In Slapjack, one by one each player will need to upturn the card. If any of the upturned cards is Jack, the first person to slap the face of the jack' will shout 'slapjack!' and he will get the entire stack of the cards. The player who lasts till the end is the winner. This is a famous game in the list of adult card games as it is quite often seen in get-togethers or behind the scenes parties.

The Bottom Line

These are just a few of the games that kids can play. There is a whole world out there in the world of card games that are suitable for kids of all ages. They are quite useful to develop observation skills, team spirit, and promote healthy competition. Card games are quite convenient to play and can be played anytime.

If you have been meaning to introduce card games to your kids for some time now, reading this blog will help you choose a suitable one for your kid. This will make them look forward to some fun-filled game nights. Who knows they might not even go back to their virtual world again.

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