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Single Player Card Games: Be Your Own BFF

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Jessica Parker
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As the saying goes, "A man is his own best friend". Having our friends around at all times is not possible. The need to keep ourselves busy arises especially during those vacation times when we are alone or visiting our beloved grandparent's house that has lots of love but very less company. At times like these, we only have ourselves to depend on. That is why reading this blog of single-player card games can be a sigh of relief!

We will highlight here all those card games you can single-handedly play to keep those lonely mood swings at bay. For all those who have lots of friends, you can indulge in some adult card games. Such games bring out good old cathartic experiences that will surely bring out the fun side of all.

Single-player card games contain fun and exciting levels, with the guarantee to keep you engaged. These games are quite popular with card fans, who like to spend quality time with themselves. Such card games are high in engagement with gripping interest levels making it suitable for single player indulgence. If you are new to the world of card games, take a look at our featured section for some of the best card games that you can play anytime.

Memory Game: A Single Player Card Game to Sharpen Your Memory

This requires the player to shuffle the deck and put two cards face-down and on top of each other into neat little rows. Then upturn any card from the rows. Select any other card and turn it to see if it matches the previously turned card. The match can be either based on the suite color or suite number.

The bottom row of cards is valid only when the top cards match each other. The Memory Game is known to improve memory and keep your interest until the very end. If this game has piqued your interest, take a look at "Regal Games Classic Card Games" that contains 6 sets of different cards, one being the monster memory game. This game is also popular among kids and is one of the favorite kids' card games

Pyramid: An Engaging Single Player Card Game

This fun and engaging game is any player's 'go-to' game as it comes with common sense and observational skills. The objective of the Pyramid is to arrange the card in a pyramid structure and match two of the cards when they round up to 13. There is no need for the colors or numbers to match in order to add them up.

The pyramid contains a stack of 28 cards and usually starts from the top. The top will have a single card, followed by two and three cards in the second row, and likewise. Then you start matching two cards from each row until it adds up to 13. But remember, without finishing one row entirely, you cannot jump to the second. The values that are important are:

  • Kings are 13
  • Queens are 12
  • Jacks are 11
  • Aces are 1

Napoleon at St. Helena: A Popular Single Player Game

Napoleon at St. Helena uses 52 cards in two decks each with 10 piles of 4 faced-up with the rest kept aside as draw cards. The player has to build a set from Aces to Kings in a total of 8 sets. It requires you to remove the cards in ascending order. This game is also one of the popular 2-player card-games and often played between friends.

Emperor: The Game of Patience

This is similar to Napolean at St. Helena with little differences in the order and moves. 10 piles of 4 are arranged and placed face-up and played in descending order from Kings to Aces. Emperor is a game of patience as the order takes time to build up. While playing this game, ensure that your card of decks is of good quality like Regal games playing cards. It comes with 12 decks of cards and jumbo or standard index.

Devil's Grip: Most Interesting Single Player Card Game

This is a very interesting game for single players. It allows the players to sort out the deck into separate piles with jack cards on top, queen cards in the middle, and the king cards at the bottom. The deck with aces is kept aside.

The objective of Devil's Grip is to match the cards and cast them aside and only get completed when there are zero cards to be dealt with. If the player has the highest score, they win. To play this game, you can opt for Acelion waterproof playing cards that come in a black tint and adds a classy look while playing.

Things to Remember While Playing Card Games

  • Always use a 52-card deck for convenience. Some players like playing a 40-card deck too. But to make a 40-card deck from the 52-card deck, you will have to remove 8-10 cards
  • While playing single-handedly, dealing is only successful when you are aware of the terminologies. A Foundation is an area where completed cards are placed, and the stock is where remaining and discarded cards are kept
  • While playing as a single-player, always move the aces into the foundation area followed by the cards in ascending order
  • Solitaire and its variation are the only games that can be played with a single deck
  • Not all single-player games are solvable as the absence of partners may sometimes leave games unsolvable. That means that the single-player cannot be the winner every time
  • Always go for a firm and sturdy quality cards that are resistant to damage and can be played for a long time. An ideal example would be LotFancy Playing Cards.


Single-player card games are fun to play, but you should be clear on the rules. At the same time, acceptability and understanding are required as all single-player games are not engaging and interesting throughout. Make sure to go for good quality cards that are resistant to wear & tear. Single-player card games are quite common among professional players who like to practice certain tricks themselves. These games increase your patience, understanding, and add a fun element to your lazy time.


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