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Air Purifier For Dust- A One Stop Solution

Updated on Jan 4, 2022 by Jessica Parker
air purifier for dust

An air purifier is a device that is efficient, robust, and can clean the air inside your home. The compact device can remove dirt, smoke, pet hair, and various other pollutants. You can use it in small areas, such as your car, preventing the inhalation of polluted air. The right air purifier for dust fits inside your rooms conveniently and comes with a capacity of purifying up to 1100 sq. ft. of the area every thirty minutes.

Good home air purifiers are usually noiseless, so you can sleep peacefully while they filter the air. Read our blog on everything about air purifiers to know more about them.

Why Should You Buy an Air Purifier for Dust?

Odorless Atmosphere

Air purifiers give you an odorless atmosphere and clean air to breathe. These devices eliminate unwanted smells and keep your area free from kitchen smells, outdoor smells, and odors coming from other dirty sources. You can also keep your home smoke-free by using a purifier like the NuWave OxyPure Large Area Smart Air Purifier.

Smoke-Free Place

Indoor air purifiers are helpful if you have a smoker in your house. It is a boon for you if you don't have a separate smoke zone in your flat. The purifiers help to decrease the danger of uninvolved smoking in homes with kids and elderly individuals.

Protection from Volatile Organic Compounds

The size of harmful allergens or compounds can be tiny. Pollutants such as these can cause cancer and other health problems. The air purifier can remove particles as small as a micron. They safeguard you against harm-causing elements in the air.

Energy Efficient

Getting purified air while saving on your energy bills can be a great benefit. Several air purifier models including LEVOIT Air Purifiers are energy efficient. Their energy consumption is considerably lower.

Kills Allergic Microorganism

Allergic microorganisms can enter your house through air and dust. An air purifier is best for removing such particles. Having an air purifier for dust will let you breathe freely, especially if you are asthmatic. It will benefit your pets, as they will not be a host to any microorganism. The customer reviews of hOmeLabs Air Purifier claim that it comes with a True HEPA H13 filter that can capture particles as small as 0.1 microns.

Does an Air Purifier Need to be in Every Room for Dust Removal?

The answer is NO. You do not need a separate purifier for every room. You can use air purifiers in the rooms you spend most of your time in. The room where your pets play and the areas which are more prone to exposure from outdoors. An air purifier usually lists the estimated room size it can purify. The best solution is to keep a single air purifier in the most habituated parts of your home according to its CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) rating.

Some consumers feel that buying 3-4 cheap air purifiers will be more practical. This is a wrong idea. Having more air purifiers doesn’t mean more clean air. We recommend you go for a decent air purifier like TOPPIN HEPA Air Purifiers that comes with a good star rating and UV light to clean the air. 

How Long Does it Take an Air Purifier to Clean the Dust of a Room?

A room air purifier can clean a room in around 45 minutes to 2 hours but you can tell a big difference in air quality after 15 or 20 minutes. ACH (Air Changes per Hour) is the key factor that determines the actual cleaning time. The other factors are model type, room size, filter type, and power settings. You can read our blog on room air purifiers to learn more about them.

Does Air Purifier Kill Coronavirus Along with Dust?

The probability is less. An air purifier can kill coronavirus but only to some extent. Air purifier devices can dispose of 0.5 to 3-micron molecules. Pure Enrichment PureZone Air Purifier's customer reviews mark that it has built-in UV-C light that destroys illness-causing microorganisms. The coronavirus molecule can vary from 20 to 500nm and this is because this virus breaks into multiple parts after it is released from a human body. The air purifier can remove coronavirus from the air if its molecules are already broken down and have not settled on the ground. This system is not 100% effective at protecting against Coronavirus but it can be of some help to reduce the risk of its spreading.

Purchasing an air purifier can be helpful in keeping the air around you safe to breathe. You can also read our blog on purchasing an air purifier to learn more.


The domain for air purification appliances is vast with products like air purifiers, air cleaners, and air filters. Air purifiers are also great for filtering fumes and other similar harm-causing pollutants. Some models have carbon filters that are meant for gases and should target smoke. These devices are a great purchase for people prone to respiratory diseases.

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