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Is 4K Gaming Laptop Worth It ?

Updated on Oct 26, 2021 by Jessica Parker
4k gaming laptop

A 4K gaming laptop is a laptop that comes with 4k resolution and a display that exhibits up to ‎3840 x 2160 Pixels. This laptop falls under a premium range of laptops and features a high-end latest generation processor and ultra-fast storage to offer a lag-free gaming experience. A 4K gaming laptop is solely made to support heavy gaming and run extensive gaming software.

You can use a 4K laptop for other purposes too. Read our blog to know everything about a gaming laptop.

Is 4K Gaming Laptop Worth it?

A 4K gaming laptop is the ultimate buy for any gaming enthusiast. The performance this laptop offers makes this unit a worthy purchase. We have listed few of the pointers in favor and some pointers in against. Take a look.

Reasons for Buying

Pixel Density

The 4K laptops have a display with a 4K resolution that is 4 times more than a standard 1080P laptop. It gives you a real-time gaming experience and allows you to play your games in high-visual quality.


4K laptops are lightweight and are great for portable handling. You can take these laptops on your trips or colleges by sliding them into your bags. The ergonomic keyboard structure keeps your gaming sessions comfortable and you can play for long hours.


Along with gaming, there are tons of tasks a 4K laptop can perform. You can watch your favorite movies or shows in HD quality. You can also use 4K laptops for your office purpose and managerial works. 4K laptops is a device that offers great versatile usage.

High-End Options

4K laptops support other high-end specs too. Many models come with SSD storage while others equip HDD. They offer superior performance with powerful processors and high-end graphic cards.

High gaming software may require more ram storage. Check our blog to find how much RAM you need for gaming.

Style and Look

The best-looking and most stylish gaming laptops are 4K models.. They come with features like a back-lit keyboard, lit exhaust ports, and other stylish accessories. They have durable construction and make a stylish addition to your gaming zone areas.

Reasons Against Buying


Gaming laptops has a higher price than other desktops and low-end laptops. A good quality gaming model can cost you around  $1,200–$1,300, while for high-end models, the price can go over $2,000. In other low-end laptops or PS4 devices, you may spend around $500, but getting good specs at a low price is tough.

Heat Build-Up

Heating problems can often arise in gaming laptops. This is because they include high-end graphic cards, processors, and other components that offer good performance but also generate heat. We recommend you use these laptops with lap desks or cooling pads.

Best 4k Gaming Laptops

Razer Blade 15 Base Gaming Laptop

The Razer Blade 15 Base Gaming Laptop is a gaming powerhouse, but it also works well for any application that requires a good amount of horsepower, such as video editing. It has Intel Core i7-10750H 6-Core processor that delivers powerful performance. This laptop has got good reviews for its 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD storage.

MSI GS76 Stealth Gaming Laptop

The reviews of MSI GS76 Stealth Gaming Laptop show that this model is a great mid-range gaming laptop. It features a powerful 9th gen Intel i9-11900H processor, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 graphics, and fast 64GB DDR4 RAM. A dazzling 17.3" UHD 4K display offers incredible color accuracy, brightness, and clarity. It uses MSI’s exclusive cooler boost technology for heat dissipation.

ASUS ROG Zephyrus Duo SE 15

The ASUS ROG Zephyrus Duo SE 15 gaming laptop features an AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX processor and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 graphics. It redefines slim and sleek with dimensions of 14.17 x 0.82 x 10.55 inches and a weight of just 5.4 pounds. This powerful, portable powerhouse has the power to drive next-generation gaming experiences


The CUK AERO 15 OLED Laptop is a 15-inch Windows 10 laptop with a 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution. It is slim and light and has a lot of power, including the latest Intel  i7-11800H eight-core processor. This model features 32GB of memory, 1TB SSD, and windows operating system.


4K gaming Laptop is a multimedia powerhouse that features a powerful processor and high-end graphic cards and a 4K UHD display. Having a 4K gaming laptop can take your gaming experience to the next pro level. Make sure you buy a laptop like ASUS ROG Zephyrus Duo that has positive reviews, good specs, and sufficient storage.

Touch screen laptops and non-touch laptops, both have distinct benefits. Read our blog to get a detailed comparison between touch screen laptops vs non-touch laptops.

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