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Are Air Purifiers an Absolute Must-have?

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Emma Wilson
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Air purifiers are gaining a lot of attention these days with a gradual demand. With air pollution on an all time rise, this compact advanced filtration machine has suddenly surged in its popularity. The deteriorating quality of air is paving its way causing some serious health problems. Therefore, having a healthy and clean home environment has become a priority and necessity.

Disadvantages of Not Using Air Purifiers

Breathing stale and contaminated air over a period can have some serious health repercussions. The rise in the level of pollutants is now correlated. It may lead to less productivity and a gradual decline in cognitive skills. In such a scenario, one can protect themselves and their family by practicing some essential measures. Investing in a good air purifier can be your first step. Take look at our most reviewed and recommended air purifiers for 2021.

Air Purifiers Vs. Air Cleaners

Both the gadgets work to make the air around you clean, but with slightly different technologies. Every filter is designed on different scientific principles, but with one single purpose – to filter the dust, smoke, odor, and other harmful compounds from the air. Let's take a look at what exactly an air purifier does for a healthy life. Gadgets like air purifier, dehumidifier, and air cleaner, although works on a similar principle, they do have certain subtle but significant differences

What Does an Air Purifier Do?

  • Gets Rid of Volatile Organic Compounds VOCs

VOCs are mostly present in substances like paint, adhesives, and varnish. They contain some ‘Anthropogenic Constituents’ that are hazardous to our respiratory organs. A gadget like "Winix 5500-2 Air Purifier" comes with an activated carbon filter that can trap harmful compounds. This makes the air inside your house safe to breathe in.

  • Gets Rid of Particulate Matter PMs

Particulate matters are very harmful to your lungs as they are dangerous and minute sized. They enter your body, and can even pass the barriers of our central nervous system. This may cause a host of cardiovascular and neurological diseases. For this reason, HEPA filters like in "AZEUS High CADR Air Purifier" are quite useful. They can trap a particle 40 times less than that the width of your hair. It makes the air 99.9% free from any particulate matter.

  • Eliminates Odor

Perhaps the most sought-after feature in such appliances is their ability to make a room smell as fresh as a daisy.  The PARTU HEPA Air Purifier is one such product that not only makes the air clean but gives your house a pleasant smell. Be the strong curry smell from the kitchen or the cigarette smoke, the activated carbon in such HEPA filters absorbs it all.

  • Best for Good Health

Breathing clean air will keep your family healthy and reduce the chances of contracting any respiratory disease. The filters in an effective air purifier like "Pure Enrichment Pure Zone" can trap even the tiniest of viruses and bacteria, keeping you safe even during the smog-filled winters.

Things to Look for while Shopping for Air Purifiers

  • Cost of Replacement Filters

Once you buy an air purifier, you will have to change its filters once every six to twelve months in case of a pleated filter. If it is a carbon filter, then changing every four months is recommended. The prices for the filter vary according to the technology that is used to built them. They cost of filters may vary between USD 20 and USD 200. Now for a device which gives you a cleaner surrounding to live with, investing in one of these kinds is surely worth it.

  • Certification

While buying this appliance, make sure you check a couple of labels like the energy star logo and the AHAM verification seal. The energy star logo indicates that the appliance will be 40% more efficient than regular models in the long run. The AHAM verification seal reveals the CADR value for the machine. CADR or the 'clean air delivery rate' is the amount of clean air the appliance can deliver at its highest speed.

  • Room Size

When an appliance has an AHAM seal, you can trust the suggested size it can handle. Always identify your room size before investing in an air purifier. A larger model will work well even at low speed, while more energy may be consumed with a smaller model.

  • Noise

Air purifiers work continuously to attract impurities and circulate fresh air. However, this entire process is facilitated by a fan to ensure that the equipment doesn’t get overheated due to continuous function.  This fan creates a significant hum in most of the air purifiers. However, settle for the one that doesn’t hum too loud. Otherwise, it won't let you sleep or enjoy your favorite show in peace.

Now we know how good the idea seems and what all features we should look for. Let's focus on what we should avoid while picking an air purifier.

Things to Avoid while Shopping for Air Purifiers

  • UV Lamp

Never go for an appliance that comes with a UV light feature. For the UV light to kill infectious and resistant micro-organisms, it has to be extremely strong in terms of intensity, which no model can provide. Rather it may harm your health.

  • Ozone Release Factor

There is a ban on home air purifiers that emits ozone and bears an ionizer. Although, manufacturers market them under different terms to attract potential buyers, check the manual to be sure. If you see any term like 'activated', 'super' or 'energized oxygen' on the packaging, refrain from purchasing it.

Air Purifiers: Bursting the Myth

Well, most of us still do not think of an air purifier as a necessity and the price tag adds to our belief. Many people also believe that an air purifier dries out the air and makes the room extremely cold. Well, the clear answer is they DON'T. Unlike an air conditioner, an air purifier cannot play with the humidity levels. They are more or less like a simple fan.

What Air Purifiers Cannot Do?

An air purifier is capable of removing pathogens only when they are suspended in the air. Once they settle on the floor, the air purifier cannot attract them. So, keep that in mind when choosing an expensive model.

In Conclusion

Your home is your oasis. Don't let bad air quality disturb that. Invest in a good air purifier to trap any pollutants or irritants resulting in a clean environment to breathe in. Having said that, if you can put so much attention on what goes on your plate, why not focus on what goes into the lungs! The price for the best air purifier will always be less than what you will spend on trips to the doctor or medicines. If you are on the lookout for a brand-new Air purifier, we suggest you can read through the Information guide that tells you everything about the Air purifier for better knowledge and understanding. Therefore, using all the information given here, an informed choice of investing in a clean and healthy home will surely go with you a long way.

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