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10 Air Fryer Tips All Owners Should Know

Updated on Aug 28, 2021 by Jessica Parker
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Cooking tips for air fryers are always helpful. You can use them to improve your air fryer cooking experience. There's no doubt that using a modern appliance gives you an edge over cooking on a stove or similar traditional method. Air fryers and other modern appliances are designed to be both efficient and convenient. You will learn how to save time, cook quickly, and understand how an air fryer oven works.

Helpful Air Fryer Tips for Cooking

Preheat the Air Fryer

If you want to cook the perfect recipe, we recommend pre-heating the air fryer before adding the food. Preheating is important for optimum cooking. This enables the temperature and airflow to be at ideal levels. This allows the food to cook to perfection.

Grease Air Fryer Basket

If you use an air fryer basket, grease it with oil to prevent anything from sticking. You need to brush a little oil on the sides of your air fryer basket as most have nonstick coatings. You’ll be able to enjoy all the flavors better than before.

Add Water to the Drawer

Some food items like bacon are high in fat content. The fat they render, collects in the pan of your air fryer. This can subsequently lead to smoke. To avoid this, you can do splash some water into the drawer before cooking. The grease won’t stick for long and the water will prevent it from getting too hot.

Utilize the Drippings

The drawer of your air fryer gets filled with fat and it is essential to empty it regularly. You can use it to cook flavorful sauces or use it in salads. You can make delicious vegetarian recipes and seasonings with the leftover fat.

Shake in Between

Many food recipes require you to shake the air fryer basket while cooking. Shaking is important as there will be some areas of the basket that are not crispy although the food will be cooked. It makes the food cook well and becomes crispy. Shaking also ensures that the hot circulated air reaches every layer of the dish. The COSORI Smart Wi-Fi Air Fryer comes with a shake remind feature for a convenient cooking process.

Use Parchment Paper or Foil

Parchment or foil paper will stop the grease from flowing out of the cooking area and making a mess. This layer will prevent the sauce from sticking to the basket keeping it clean. This helps with convenient cleaning and maintenance.

Maintain 5-inch of Space Around

It’s important to maintain a 5-inch gap amidst the food items and the boundary of your air fryer. This will ensure proper heat flow and cooking. Read our detailed blog on the mistakes that make while cooking in an air fryer and how you can avoid them.

Seasoning and Toasting

An air fryer allows you to roast your favorite nuts by sprinkling your preferred seasoning on top. Once the nuts start to turn golden brown, remove them from the basket. Enjoy the buzzing flavors with a glass of wine stored at optimum temperatures.

Mix Seasonings With Oil

To enjoy the flavors of your added seasonings, it is recommended to coat your meat with the seasonings. Mixing seasoning with oil makes them heavy and allows them to stick to the meat surface. It is advisable to use vegetable oil like refined avocado oil as it has a high smoke point and is lighter in taste.

Heat Leftovers in Your Air Fryer

Soggy and stale leftovers can be avoided. Air fryers add restaurant-like crispness to your leftovers like veggies and reheating pizza. This avoids food waste.

The Bottom Line

Due to our hectic schedule, we tend to ignore the small tricks that can make our cooking process fun and healthy. Tricks and hacks can make our cooking experience better. We hope our interesting tips and tricks will help you use your air fryer to its max potential. We also have a dedicated blog that lists the best microwave oven with air fryers, read to know of your buying options.

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