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10 Air Fryer Tips All Owners Should Know

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Sydney Williams
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Here, we’re going to discuss some tips and tricks you simply cannot afford to miss! The tips that we are going to spell out for you will help you get the most from your air fryer to produce delectable and restaurant-quality dishes. The tips will also guide you towards the proper use and maintenance of the air fryer.

In recent years, air fryers have proven to be a healthy alternative for deep-frying. Along with some air fryer tips, you can indulge in some delicious fried foods without any guilt. No more frying the food products in oil as you can whip the crispiest chicken wings and some juicy and luscious fried chicken without any oil with this indispensable appliance.

As a matter of fact, air fryers can lower the fat content of your favorite french fries and meat because of their mechanism which is based on circulating hot air around the food resulting in a crisp finish. If are not a proud owner yet, investing in an air fryer is totally worth it if you make the right purchase by keeping a few factors in mind.

Helpful Air Fryer Tips while Cooking

Preheat the Air Fryer

If you want to cook the perfect chicken, we recommend pre-heating the air fryer before adding the food. This simple yet essential step can save you a lot of time and help you whip some tasty recipes at home in a snap.

Grease Air Fryer Basket

While most air fryers like the COSORI Smart WiFi Air Fryer have a nonstick basket, greasing it with some oil to retain their nutrient levels at very high temperatures can be extremely beneficial. You’ll be able to enjoy all the fantastic flavors along with all the health benefits in a wholesome way, and without sticking any food on the basket! The BetterBody Foods 100% Pure Avocado Oil is one such incredible oil to drizzle on the basket while air frying.

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Add Water to the Drawer

Some food items like bacon are very high in fat content. The fat they render can collect in the pan of your air fryer, which can subsequently lead to smoke. To avoid this, you can do two things. Simply stop the air fryer in between and remove the fat and resume your process. You could also splash some water into the drawer before cooking and voila! The grease won’t stick for long and the water will prevent it from getting too hot. Proper cleaning and maintenance of your air fryer are very important for its long lifespan.

Utilize the Drippings

The drawer of your air fryer will get full of fat or juices which you can utilize to cook some flavorful sauces. After mixing it with water, you can add your favorite spices and store them in jars. A lot of yummy vegetarian recipes and seasonings can be made with the leftovers!

Shake in Between

A few shakes in between can help you achieve that extra crispness. You can remove the basket from the air fryer without turning it off and give that much-needed jolt to your food for that near-perfect cooking.

Use Parchment Paper or Foil

We all like to have our chicken wings dripping with some smoky bbq sauce. However, this can get a little messy to cook in the air fryer. To make your cleaning process easy for later, you can layer your bucket with parchment paper or foil. This layer will prevent the sauce from sticking to the basket keeping it clean.

Maintain 5-inch of Space Around

It’s very important to give your air fryer some breathing room. Keep it in the middle of your counter space. Apart from this, you also need to maintain a 5-inch gap amidst the food items and the boundary of your air fryer to ensure proper heat flow and cooking.

Seasoning and Toasting

With an air fryer or a Gas grill at home, you can easily roast your favorite nuts by sprinkling your preferred seasoning on top. As your nuts start to turn golden brown, remove them from the basket. Enjoy the buzzing flavors with your favorite glass of wine stored at optimum temperatures!

Mix Seasonings With Oil

To enjoy the flavors of your added seasonings, it is recommended to coat them on top of your meat by mixing them in oil with the help of a brush. By this, you can ensure that the coating sticks properly and doesn’t get blown away by the intense air circulation of your fryer.

Heat Leftovers in Your Air Fryer

Who doesn't love leftovers? Your takeouts might get soggy after some time and you would just want to throw them away. However, this can be totally avoided. Air fryers are extremely good at adding that restaurant-like crispness to your leftovers. From veggies to pizza, you can reheat anything! They help you in meal prep significantly.

Experimenting with foods has never been outdated, and owning an air fryer might just give you another reason to whisk and experiment with your culinary creativity.

The Bottom Line

Due to our hectic schedule, we often tend to ignore the small tricks that can make our cooking process fun and healthier. Not to forget, they will keep our beloved air fryers in their best shape. We hope our fascinating tips and tricks will help you use your air fryer to its fullest potential.

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