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Instant Vortex Plus 6 Quart 6-in 1 Air Fryer

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About Instant Vortex Plus 6 Quart 6-in 1 Air Fryer
94% highlighted the presets
The control panel and pre-set functions make operation simple and straightforward.
86% appreciated the design, however 14% found it unappealing
The air-fryer fits nicely on my counter and takes up less space than my coffee maker.
The air-fryer has a deeper counter footprint and is roughly equivalent in width to my 4-slot toaster. It is light enough to store under the counter or in the pantry and move with ease.
The air fryer design is sleek, compact, and doesn't take up too much counter space.
The air fryer is a big appliance that requires clear space around it due to the heat it produces.
89% found it noise-free, yet 11% reported noise issues
The air fryer is quiet and has soft, digital sounding beeps.
The air-fryer is not very loud and the timer beeps are just loud enough to hear.
The sound is too low to hear the tones for adding food, turning it halfway through, and at the end of cooking.
The air fryer sounds like a 747 taking off, but according to Americas Test Kitchen, it is one of the least noisy of the bunch.
83% were satisfied with temperature controls, yet 17% experienced difficulties
I suggest using the temperature control and keeping it a little lower to avoid burning the food.
I can easily adjust the temperature and cooking time to get my food just the way I want it.
Setting the temperature and time controls is easy.
When I try to set the temperature, it suddenly jumps 10 degrees past the desired temperature and when I try to go back to the desired temperature, it jumps 10 degrees in the opposite direction. This makes it difficult to set the temperature and wastes time.
94% liked controls and functionalities, although 6% found them confusing
I found the temperature control easy to understand.
The controls are super easy and no nonsense.
Setting the temperature and time controls is easy.
The control panel is intuitive and pre-set functions make operation simple and straightforward.
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89% were satisfied with the basket size
The basket is big enough to feed my family of four without having to cook in shifts.
The air fryer can fit a 4-5 lb chicken.
The air fryer is perfect for cooking for 2 or 3 people due to the size of the baskets.

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