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Ring 2 Vs Ring Pro Video Doorbell: A Review

Updated on Dec 28, 2021 by Jessica Parker
ring 2 vs ring pro video doorbell

Ring 2 and Ring Pro are two of the most successful products from Ring and this blog is all about Ring 2 Vs Ring Pro. Security and functionality reign above everything else when it comes to video doorbells. They work with tons of different connected devices and have a lot of great features. The ring is a revolutionary home security solution that gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your home is protected at all times. Ring Pro is part-way through the Ring product line and it's designed for more advanced users.

Video doorbells offer a lot of benefits and have become an essential part of modern homes. You can read our blog on video doorbells to know more about them.

Ring 2 Vs Ring Pro: A Comparison Guide

Installation Process

It is relatively convenient to install ring 2 as they are available in both wireless and wired variants. Just download the app from Google Play or App Store on your mobile. Then follow the process. The installation is relatively complex for ring pro. This is because Ring Pro is available only in wired variants. This makes them difficult to install. It also comes with its own detailed instruction manual.


The design for Ring 2 is quite attractive and contains two interchangeable faceplates namely Satin Nickel and Venetian. This makes them easy to customize in case you want to change the color. Ring 2 is smart, sleek, and usually suits all modern homes. Ring Pro like Ring Video Doorbell Pro comes in a more traditional look and 4 interchangeable plates. It comes with a slim look, customizable settings, and an eye-catching design that makes ring pro a definite buy.


Ring 2 doorbell comes with many advanced features like 1080p HD Video, 160 degrees, and artificial intelligence and cloud recording, etc. The customer reviews of Ring Video Doorbell 2 show that it comes with 1080p HD high video quality. Ring pro doorbell also comes with many features mentioned here but also features 5-second pre-roll and on-demand streaming.

Performance and Camera Capability

Ring 2 doorbell delivers exemplary performance and allows you to have two-way communication in the case of visitors. The battery will last between 6 and 12 months. Besides its features like motion tracking, recording, and a subscription plan offers numerous benefits to users. Ring Pro models like Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 have the best recording capability, decent night vision quality, customizable motion detectors, and flawless pairing.

Mobile Application

Ring app is straightforward, intuitive, and well-built making navigation easy for users. There is one single app for all ring devices. So now you can navigate all devices through one single app be it a surveillance camera or video camera.


Ring pro doorbell is generally more expensive than the ring 2 models. Ring 2 doorbells like Ring Video Doorbell 2 are generally affordable. The ring video doorbells are generally priced at 70-80 dollars more than ring 2 doorbells.

Artificial Intelligence

Most of the ring 2 and ring pro doorbell models come with artificial intelligence features. The cameras of these doorbells automatically start recording when they detect motion. Some models with the latest technology also have the ability to ignore vehicle and animal motion. These doorbells are designed to detect human movements only.

The customer reviews of Ring Chime Pro mark that it is a nice doorbell that you can consider buying.


Both of the doorbells offer cloud storage. It is not a mandatory feature. You have to subscribe to the storage service if you want to avail this feature. You will not be able to store videos if you don't have this subscription.

It is also important to know how to install a video doorbell to ensure its proper functioning. You can read our blog on how to install video doorbells to have a better understanding.

Smart Platform Integration

Smart platform integration is a feature offered by the latest doorbell models. These types of doorbells are compatible with Alexa or google assistant. This way you can control the doorbell with voice commands. Both ring 2 and ring pro doorbells can have this feature.

How Long Does Video Stay On Ring Video Doorbell?

The video stays on the ring video doorbell for 60 days. You have to purchase a storage subscription to get your videos stored. The videos will not get stored if you don't have this subscription.

Does Ring Video Doorbell Work Without Wifi?

The answer is no. The ring video doorbell cannot run without wi-fi. These doorbells need an internet connection to stay connected to your smartphone. You no longer will have access to live videos if you don't have a wifi connection.

The video doorbells provide high security and many other features. You can read our blog on the benefits of installing a smart video doorbell to learn more.

Ring 2 Vs Ring Pro- Final Verdict

In terms of design, looks, and performance, both devices are top-notch and great. They are both weather-resistant, water-proof, and offer excellent security service. Ring 2 is the right option for you if you are someone who wouldn't mind drilling and expensive security devices. Ring Pro is ideal for you if you like something simple, tested, and AI-supported technology. We would support Ring pro as it is smarter, quicker, and supersedes all existing doorbells out of the two.

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