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How to Install a Ring Video Doorbell

Written by Jessica Parker
Updated on May 6, 2021
Ring Video Doorbell

Video doorbell devices are a great investment to improve your home security systems. The best part about these devices is their easy instalment and set up. This blog will thus, tell you easy ways on how to install a ring video doorbell on your front doors. This guide should help you to install them easily, even if you are not a tech expert.

Installing a video doorbell often requires professional help. But with our exclusive guide and easy steps, installing them shouldn't be a problem anymore. So, follow the below-mentioned steps to know how to install ring video doorbells.

Step by Step Guide for Installing a Video Doorbell

Gather Tools

The first thing you need to do is to gather your tools. Although most video doorbells come with a complete tool kit and instruction guide, it's good to ensure you have all tools with you. Your tools should include screws, a screwdriver, and a charging cable. Else, if you are planning to install your video doorbell into the bricks, make sure you have a proper drill machine.

Charge the Battery

Once, your doorbell is unboxed, you need to plug it into charging by using the provided charging cable. This may take about four to six hours, so be patient and wait until it fully charges. Once, fully charged, the red glowing light will eventually turn green. And, this is the time when you are ready to start with installation.  

Connect to Internet

Now, you need to connect your ring video doorbell to your home’s Wi-Fi network. You have to download the ring app for quick Wi-Fi set-up. The app will give you step-wise instructions and will help you to establish a successful internet connection.

Shut Off the Power

After connecting to your Wi-Fi network, shut off the power supply of your house. This is because you have to be on the safe side while dealing with exposed wires. You can look for your home’s breaker box or mains power supply to shut down the power.

Remove Old Doorbell

If you have any old doorbell installed, consider removing it with the help of a screwdriver. First, start with removing the doorbell’s faceplate that will expose the screws. Now, unscrew the old doorbell carefully, without pulling off the power lines. Once, the doorbell is out, separate these wires by loosening their screws.

Attach Mounting Bracket

To attach mounting brackets, ensure you have the hole and two power wires. Follow the below-mentioned pointers to attach mount brackets.

  • Open the ring app and go to the live video section.
  • Bring your doorbell in the position you want to install and check the pictures it shows in the app. Look, if it shows the correct angle or not. In case, the video-angle is not as desired, you can use angled mounting cameras to tilt the camera.
  • After positioning your doorbell, use level tools to ensure that the mounting brackets are placed straight. Also, mark the location of new holes using a pencil or color.  
  • Now, if you are going to install angled mounts, then screw them on the walls and then install mounting brackets. If you are not using angled mounts, you can directly install these brackets over your marked holes.

Attach Doorbell Wires

Loosen the screws present on the mounting brackets. Mostly the screws are located near the holes where the wiring emerges. Now, wrap these wires around the screws and make sure the wires don’t touch each other. Once done, tighten the screws carefully and ensure the wires are properly connected.

Mounting Ring Doorbell

After completing the wiring, mount your ring doorbell in the designated place. Place your ring doorbell right above the bracket and push it forward to fit it, perfectly.   

Restore Power

Switch ON the mains supply with the help of a breaker box and make sure all the connections are secured and well connected. If the entire set-up is working properly, cover the doorbell with its faceplate. Make sure to fasten two security screws under it.

Set App Preferences

Finally, you have installed your ring video doorbell. Now, you can set your preferences in your ring app. Adjust night vision settings and control the areas you want your camera to record. Besides, you can also filter your notifications and adjust motion detection settings.


Video doorbells are innovative security gadgets that people are increasingly preferring over other security measures like DIY home security systems. Their advance features combined with sleek looks makes them a popular choice. If you are someone looking to buy video doorbells, head over to Bestviewsreviews.com. We review and recommend only the best based on quality, popularity and performance.

Happy Shopping to all!

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