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Feature wise top DIY Home Security Systems

DIY Home Security Systems : Monitoring flexibility

Monitoring flexibility

eufy Security, eufyCam 2C 2-Cam Kit, Wireless Home Security System with 180-Day Battery Life, 1080p HD, IP67, Night Vision, No Monthly Fee

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DIY Home Security Systems Buying Guide

Security from burglaries has always been a primary concern for everyone. As the world is growing and evolving with new technologies, crime rates are also increasing. This has led, the Home Security industry  grow swiftly. But hiring professional services can be quite costly and not everyone can afford one. Therefore "DIY Home Security Systems" has achieved considerable demand in the Home Security industry worldwide. DIY Home Security Systems are easy to install and offer self-monitoring of the house. Wireless DIY Security Systems are tamper-resistant than the wired ones and comes with sensor systems, video recording, along with multi-faceted features. These DIY Home Security Systems allow you to carefully plan and evaluate security elements to protect your home effectively.

Types of Home Security Systems

Security Systems should have features that guard your loved ones as well as your valuables. Hence, doing brief research on the right security system to dissuade the burglaries is important.

Self-Monitored Systems

Self-Monitored Systems are efficient as the professional security systems despite their equal share of pros and cons. These systems allow you to monitor your house, without depending on any services. In case of any trespass or suspicious movement, it triggers your cell phone. These systems have features like sensors, sirens, and the facility to call cops, in case you are out. Self-Monitored Systems are easily accessible and require only a good internet connection to monitor inside or outside your house.

Unmonitored Security Systems

Unmonitored Security Systems consist of sensors, sirens, or smoke detectors installed by you or the professionals. Even though these systems are not comprehensive, they provide quite good security features. The unmonitored security systems are cost-effective as they do not require any subscription fees.  

Wired Security Systems

Wired Home Security Systems are reliable and come with low voltage wire. These systems provide real-time status of the components attached and only require batteries to keep them working. Although the wired systems may have some steals and snags, they provide maximum security as they are hard to hack. They contain many features such as high definition video surveillance and control panels as well.

Wireless Security Alarm Systems

Wireless Security Systems are almost similar to the wired one. These Wireless Systems works in three stages. Initial stage sets an alert if anyone tries to break your window or open your safe. The second stage informs the owner of any damages that occur inside or outside the property. The third one is a crucial stage wherein the system sets off the alarm and notifies the monitoring organization about the threat. As a result, they send a rescue team or the cops instantly.

Components of DIY Home Security Systems

Security Systems are available with various components that can be customized and purchased as a package. Therefore, choose a security system based on your need and requirements.

Security Cameras

You can add one or many security cameras in your Security Systems package. The Cameras usually come with night vision feature, motion detectors, entry sensors, and video recordings.

Doorbell Cameras

Doorbell Cameras are one of the most accessible components that offer two-way communication, different activity alerts, and a mobile app with all the controls.

Smart Locks

Smart Locks are easy to install with the feature of auto-locking and wi-fi compatibility. These locks have an option to fit either in the existing locks or be installed as a new lock system.


Home Security Systems packages come with sensors like motion detectors, window sensors, glass break sensors, fire alarms, flood sensors, and smoke detectors. These sensors send an alert in case of any suspicious movement or threat. A Home Security System with such sensors helps the owner get a discount on various insurance policies.

Features of DIY Home Security Systems

The list of features can play a crucial role in controlling your home safety. 

Incorporating Smart Digital Assistant

Digital Assistant, also known as intelligent assistants, requires internet connectivity to manage your home. They come with smart automation features such as lighting control or entry control. Smart Assistant works with voice commands and are available in many varieties, such as Alexa, Google Home, etc.

24/7 Monitoring or Continuous Monitoring

As mentioned earlier, Home Security Systems offers both self and professional kind of monitoring systems. Although both of them have certain pros and cons, they provide the utmost benefit of steady monitoring and immediate action against alerts received.

Video Streaming and Recording

It is one of the most critical features as it allows you to record and store videos. Such security systems may also allow on-device video recording or cloud storage, based on their mechanism. Generally, this feature comes with a mobile application that offers live video streaming. However, there are some systems that cannot record or store footage and thus, should be checked on the description at the time of investing. 

Mobile App Control

The Mobile App Control is a free service with many home security systems that helps you to manage and control your security system remotely. Before you buy, check if the mobile app is compatible with your device.

Benefits of DIY Home Security Systems

Buying a Security System can be confusing and requires proper study to prevent internal or external hazards. Hence, select a system with the required elements that results in efficient safety features.

Affordable Compared to Traditional built Security Systems.

DIY Security Systems are quite affordable, as most of it does not require installation fees or professional charges.

Prevent Crime

As the system has components like sensors or alarms alerts, it scares off the burglars and ensures the safety of your loved ones, and valuables, making your neighbourhood a safe place to live.

Remote Access

Modern Security Systems offers the benefit of accessing the control panels remotely, which results in efficient monitoring of your property from inside as well as outside.

Lowers Home Owner's Insurance

Security systems can offer you a good discount on the homeowner's insurance depending on the coverage of terms and conditions.

Proactive Response

Systems with advanced sensors allow you to receive immediate alerts for all kinds of emergencies and react proactively to caution you.

Efficient Electricity Management

Many security systems offer you smart assistants that can help you to manage your electricity by controlling devices like the thermostat and lighting control.

Peace of Mind

A well-equipped home automation system creates an extra layer of safety from trespassers against your homes. Hence, it results in assured security allowing you to be more productive and a focussed.


Researches have shown that 2.5 million burglaries happen annually, and two–thirds of them are on residences. As a result, people are becoming more aware of their home safety. DIY Home Security Systems are cost-effective, convenient, and easy to control. If you are looking for compatible automation security systems that are not only affordable but quite effective, then DIY is the best choice for you. To help you choose an effective home security system, we have listed down the most recommended options that are reviewed and suggested by us. Go ahead and take a quick look for clarity. 

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