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Resetting a Keyboard to its Default Settings

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Jessica Parker
resetting a keyboard

Resetting a keyboard can be triggered by problems like the malfunctioning of the keys, unresponsive key functions, or other problems like lagging etc. Thus, resetting a keyboard to its default settings many times fixes such problems easily. However, not everybody is familiar with the resetting steps. This blog intends on highlighting some of the quick ways how you can reset your keyboard to its default settings. We also have a blog that tells you how to unlock a locked keyboard. If you are facing issues with that, you know where to go.

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Identify the Problem

Before resetting, you should identify first, if it’s a hardware problem or software problem. To check that press Windows +R. Once the run function starts, type MSCONFIG and click OK. This will launch the configuration of the system. Next, press the boot options under the boot tab and hit OK.

Your system may restart after this. This will place the windows in the safe mode. Usually, the only essential program operates in this mode. Thus, if your keyboard is responsive under this mode, then the problem lies in the software.

Now that the hardware is fine, we can reset the keyboard with the following ways.

Reinstall the Keyboard

  • Open control panel
  • Click on hardware and sound, then devices & printers
  • Click on device manager
  • Once there, expand keyboards and uninstall the device by right-clicking the icon.
  • Restart the system so that the changes can get reflected.

Adjusting the Settings

  • Open the control panel
  • Search the word keyboard
  • Use the keyboard properties button to adjust the response time of each key using the sliders
  • Click OK. For additional settings, you can go to window settings, ease of access and keyboard.

Resetting the Language

  • Open control panel and select language
  • Select your default language
  • If you have selected multiple languages, then select a new language and add to the list
  • If you have one primary language, then make it a new language and then choose the old one again
  • This will reset the keyboard to its default functions


Sometimes, keyboard settings automatically change owing to software updates or changes. Thus, changing the keyboard settings to default will set everything back to default and make unresponsive keyboards effective. If none of the above works then calling a technician will be ideal. However, remember it is also important to keep your keyboard clean. We hope this blog helps you in sorting minor issues with your keyboard easily. Another accessory that can be used for better navigation is computer mice.

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